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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Market Report

The markets finally stopped the bleeding yesterday. The Dow was up about 150 points and it crossed back over 10000. Today, there is all sorts of data. First, the trade deficit just came out.

The U.S. trade deficit widened unexpectedly in December to $40.2 billion, fueled by the highest oil prices and oil imports since October 2008, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday

Wall Street analysts surveyed before the report had expected the trade deficit to narrow to $36 billion from $36.4 billion in November.

The 10.4 percent jump in the trade gap came as both U.S. exports and imports showed healthy gains for the month.

There is also plenty of news vis a vis Greece. The markets are off just slightly. The Dow is off about 15 points thirty minutes in.

Bonds are even today. The ten year U.S. Treasury bond is at 3.63%. The yield spread between the two and ten year is at 2.81%. The three month t bill continues to weaken slightly. It's at .096%. That's the highest yield in weeks. Crude oil is at $73.23 a barrel and gold is at $1073 an ounce.

The dollar is slightly stronger today. It's up by .37% against the Euro, up .62% against the British Pound, but down .12% against the Japanese Yen.

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