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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Biden Vs. Cheney

Just when you thought the Obama administration couldn't sink any lower, Joe Biden comes out with a full frontal assault against former VP Dick Cheney, and Cheney responded in kind. The fireworks started during the week when Biden showed up on Larry King.

Now, you know the administration is struggling when they try and take credit for Iraq. The president will likely not have all the troops out by the end of his first term. Both Biden and Obama were against the surge. Biden wanted to carve up Iraq into three parts. At best, they can be credited for not screwing things up.

Then, on today's show, Joe Biden trotted out the old Daniel Moynahan line about not getting your own facts. It was on.

There's a few things of note here. First, Democrats love to defend Mirandizing Farouk by pointing to Richard Reid. Well, first, Reid was arrested only a couple months after 9/11. The military tribunals hadn't been set up yet. Second, who cares? The same folks that condemn each and every Bush policy are now defending their own by pointing to a Bush policy. That's rich. We probably shouldn't have Mirandized Reid. We certainly better not have done it until we got all we could from him. Whether we did or not, that doesn't justify Mirandizing Farouk after 50 minutes.

Finally, who knew that the best voice against Obama anti terror policies would be Dick Cheney? He's been the single biggest and boldest voice of criticism against Obama's anti terror policies that the opposition has. As for Obama, they continue to think that picking political fights will somehow make people forget that they find many of their policies reprehensible.

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