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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Six More Weeks?

The worst thing I heard all week was that the president wanted to give the Congress another six weeks to debate health care.

At a White House healthcare summit held Thursday, President Barack Obama urged Republican congressional leaders to consider working on several areas of common interest in the healthcare reform package, giving them a rough 6-week deadline before Democrats may consider using alternative measures to pass the plan.

Obama named health insurance reform, the purchase of health insurance across state lines and medical liability reform among the top three areas where agreement could possibly be reached.

Republicans argued they wanted to scrap all proposals on the table and rework a set of smaller steps to reform healthcare.

For Democrats, starting over is not an option they said, because of the dire situation many Americans face.

I know I speak for most Americans when I say that another six weeks of more debate of this health care bill is nothing short of political torture. Not only is Obama's bill a disaster but his incompetence in passing it has caused the debate to go on way too long. Now, we have at least six more weeks.

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