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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sights and Sounds From Chicago's Tax Day Tea Party


It was a relatively tame Tea Party in Chicago. There was about a 100 people at the beginning. The first speaker was Sandy Rios however most of the excitement occurred when some of the protesters confronted two provocateurs. They initially made loud noises during the national anthem and the singing of God Bless America and the confrontation continued throughout.

The speakers also included the Reverend Isaac Hayes, who's running against Jesse Jackson Jr. for the U.S. Congress.

Once again, the number niche of protesters were those that are anti Federal Reserve. Those groups included the Pilgrims of St. Michael, Campaign for Liberty, and other anti Federal Reserve groups.
The protest was held outside of the Richard J. Daley Center.

Here's coverage of a suburban Chicago Tea Party from the Tribune.

Here's coverage of the Tea Party protests nationally.

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