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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glenn Beck the Propagandist

If you've watched Glenn Beck more than once, you've probably seen this clip.

and this one...

and that one...

Those are three clips of several that Glenn Beck hasn't merely become fond of but is simply obsessed with. In fact, those clips are a few tools in a set of themes. From ACORN to La Raza, all of these are hammered at over and over to create a narrative. Mao, Stalin, Alinsky, and ACORN are all part of this narrative. Even Beck's frequent allusions to history are part of the narrative. How often has Beck demonized Teddy Roosevelt as America's first progressive? That Jones clip is meant to provide evidence: progressives have overrun the White House and they're going to transform America by wealth redistribution. It's a theme he hammers over and over.

Beck was on O'Reilly several months ago talking about how we're all fixated on ACORN while Dale and Wade Rathke are making their getaway and everyone is ignoring them. Since, he's paid no attention to either all while being fixated on ACORN. Why? It's because what Wade Rathke is doing now has little do with Obama themes. Rathke is running an international organization doing much of its work outside the U.S. Meanwhile, what ACORN represents is very relevant to the narrative that Beck is building.

Health care, cap and trade, and financial reform are all hammered at through a prism. The prism is a theme that Beck has created and then he uses his show to hammer at this theme. He comes back to them over and over.

Now, before anyone tries and argue with me. I'm not saying he's wrong. That isn't my point. I'm saying he's boring. Once I noticed that Beck wasn't going to stop using that Jones clip, I was through. I don't like propaganda. It's boring. He's running the same show over and over. He's built an audience which means he's good at propaganda. He's still a propagandist and that's why I don't watch.

1 comment:

Jason Gillman said...


I imagine how boring life was for the tens of millions killed either through direct confrontation with the left's "favorite" communists, or perhaps those who faced the ultimate destiny offered by its results.

I agree it might be propaganda, but ultimately it is more so a reminder of humankind's sordid past, and offers us the chance to reflect daily on the very people who would take us to that place again.

He is on point, and his ratings show it. The more people know of the history behind the philosophy this administration seems to be promoting, I think the better off we will be.

Good topic as usual.