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Monday, April 26, 2010

Financial Reform and Mortgages

I can't speak for anything else but I can tell you with certainty what will happen in mortgages as a result of financial reforms. If you have ever closed on a mortgage, you can appreciate this. It's sometimes referred to as "signing your life away". That's because there are near one hundred documents to sign. Get ready there will be more. All those documents are created in response to some regulation. More regulations mean more documents to sign.

Just so no one thinks that we don't have enough regulations. We have something called Regulation Z. Look it up. Guess what. If there's a Reg Z, A-Y is there as well.

Here's my "favorite" regulation. If I pull someone's credit, I have three business days to sign the initial disclosure. Suffice to say, that was never enforced. You can all imagine the enforcement levels of more regulations.

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