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Friday, April 9, 2010

The New Tea Party Federation

A new Tea Party federation has been formed.

Several tea party leaders announced plans Thursday to form a national federation to promote the movement's conservative message and to counter the idea that the tea parties are politically unsophisticated and disorganized.

Tea party leaders from Memphis, Tenn., Richmond, Va., and Orlando, Fla., along with representatives of several other groups, announced the new National Tea Party Federation during a rally outside the Minnesota capitol. They said 21 tea party groups around the nation have joined the federation.

Memphis Tea Party founder Mark Skoda said recent media coverage had questioned whether the conservative tea parties, which number in the thousands nationwide, are organized too loosely to be politically effective in the national midterm election. He said the federation intends to convey a unified message about the tea party's brand of fiscal conservatism, which emphasizes limited government, less public spending and free markets.

It's unclear what this federation will do since there hundreds if not thousands of Tea Parties nationwide and only thirteen will be part of this federation. Furthermore, a federation is a group of organizations that are each independent of each other.

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