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Friday, April 30, 2010

On the Brink of Collapse: The Gerard Beloin Story Continues

UPDATE: Please also check out my new book, The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers by going to this link where in chapter three this case is explored in further.

That video is from a public town hall meeting in New Boston, New Hampshire. It was a town hall meeting held on March 2nd, 2010 to determine the fate of the Chief of Police of New Boston, Chris Krajenka. At about 3:20 of the video, a citizen of New Boston, Gerard Beloin, takes his turn to speak and begins to play a recording he had made of Chief Krajenka. Even before Beloin starts playing the tape, New Boston Selectman Rodney Towne can be seen motioning to have it cut off. As a result, the tape was barely heard and no one could make out its contents. Here's how the Manchester Union Leader described the encounter.

"One man, Gerard Beloin, approached the microphone with a laptop and portable speaker system. Beloin then proceeded to play what he alleged was a 911 call with Krajenka, though the content of the call was unclear.
Beloin was ruled out of order and police officers escorted him from the microphone.
Here's how the local New Boston paper described the encounter.
The evening took a bizarre twist when one man, Gerard Beloin, approached the microphone with a laptop and portable speaker system. Beloin then proceeded to play what he alleged was a 911 call with Krajenka, though the content of the call was unclear. Beloin was ruled out of order and police officers escorted him from the microphone.

While the media described the encounter, no one bothered to describe the tape that Beloin played. The recording (linked her under New Boston Police Chief Christopher Krajenka lying to my wife Linda on a 911 call asking for protection) is a recording of Beloin's wife asking Krajenka for protection for her husband. Krajenka is heard saying that Beloin isn't under any threat and inter mixed are other recordings of numerous people actually threatening the life of Gerard Beloin. I asked Towne why he cut off Beloin and Towne said that since the contents of the recordings couldn't be verified they were out of order. At the same time, several of the other participants retold stories of their own encounters with Krajenka and they couldn't necessarily be verified either.

I have run a series of stories Beloin. His story starts in 2002 when he, a roofer, bid on a roofing job at his daughter's high school, Goffstown High School. Upon discovering that the material of the Goffstown High School was in danger of collapse he took his information to the school board president, Dr. Craig Hieber. Dr. Hieber assured Beloin that he would look into the matter and take all necessary steps. Months later, Dr. Hieber died under mysterious circumstances. Then, Beloin says that he began to be threatened and he began recording conversations with powerful people near and around New Boston. (these recordings can be found here) On these recordings, there's evidence of arson, murder, blackmail, and extortion. Beloin took these recordings to County Prosecutors, the State's Attorney General, and all local media. As Beloin gathered more and more recordings, he believes he's uncovered a criminal conspiracy that stretches from the Goffstown School Board, to the County Prosecutors office, and even reaches the attorney general's office.

Yet, instead of having the recordings' contents investigated, publicized, and serving indictments, the media ignored Beloin while the state's law enforcement began to charge Beloin with a series of crimes related to unlawfully recording others. In fact, Beloin has even spent one night in prison stemming from a conviction and another six months in prison from another arrest.

This encounter, however, is the latest in a series of encounters Beloin has had with members of government that refuse to allow his recordings to be heard. Beloin has been in court in front of no less than eight judges and attempted to have one of these recordings played in court and had those judges refuse. One judge, Judge William Groff, even suggested that the threats against Beloin's life weren't legitimate since Beloin was still alive. (Here's a tape of that encounter,
Supervisory Justice William Groff of Hillsborough County Superior Court - South is telling me that because I'm still alive, the death threats against me are not credible.)

In fact, I described another such encounter between Beloin and members of New Hampshire government in this piece on October 3rd, 2009. In this encounter, Beloin attended another town hall meeting to consider the nomination of Marguerite Wageling to a Superior Court position. Prior to this, Wageling had been a Hillsborough County (Beloin's county in NH) Attorney and she was one of several officials that Beloin reached out to with many of his recordings. In fact, Wageling's office was the one that ultimately first began to prosecute Beloin himself for making these recordings illegally and also never prosecuted anyone else on them. Once again, Beloin had a recording ready to play for the town hall. Once again a government official, this time
Raymond Burton, a County Executive Council Person, cut off Beloin before his entire tape could be heard.

In fact, I've spoken with one government official, State Senator Al Baldassaro, who has heard the recordings. In his view, "Gerard Beloin ISN'T crazy" and there is something there. Baldassaro told me that he presented these recordings to the New Hampshire Attorney General's office but so far nothing's been done.

Baldassaro is in the minority. The tapes speak for themselves and they're all listed here. There were dozens of media at the event on the 2nd of March and most described the encounter between Towne and Beloin. None, according to Beloin, asked him to play the tape for them. These tapes now occupy that sphere we call cyberspace and available for any that are curious enough to take a look. Beloin continues to this day to be involved in several court proceedings in which he may wind up being imprisoned. No one else has ever been charged with a crime related to this matter.

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