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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lyndon Larouche and Tea Party Racism

We've all heard all the reports of racism at Tea Party rallies. Here is something you aren't likely to hear. Most of the signs associated with the racism are signs made by followers of Lyndon Larouche.

Larouche is a fringe politician known for his belief in a plethora of conspiracy theories. His followers are also known to find a spot at most rallies, no matter the tenor of the rally itself. They hate all sides of the government and their vision is little different from anarchy itself.

In fact, most of the signs associated with racist slurs against Obama at Tea Party rallies are made by followers of Larouche and not the Tea Parties. For instance, charges of racism stem from photos of Obama in a Hitler like mustache. In fact, this is a photo that comes directly from Larouche's site.

In fact, Larouche believes that Obamacare is grounds for impeachment.

No American patriot contemplates the prospect of impeaching the President of the United States lightly. Thus, despite the fact that President Barack Obama has for months been openly proposing and campaigning for a health care policy which is modeled directly on that of the Hitler regime, and which will lead, if implemented, to the kinds of genocidal results for which that regime, and many of its adherents, were condemned for Crimes Against Humanity after World War II, patriot Lyndon LaRouche has refrained up to this time from calling for him to be impeached. Back in late July, LaRouche declared that the President was "impeachable" for his Nazi health care "reform." The President, and those with the potential to bring him under control, failed to listen, or change course. Instead, we are at the very threshold of the President and his henchman ramming through this same Nazi plan, which would serve as a giant step toward a genocidal dictatorship. Now, as LaRouche's Jan. 6 statement argues, impeachment must be put squarely on the table.

Under the U.S. Constitutional system, the purpose of impeachment is the protection of the nation, by removing from high office a Federal official who is causing grave injury to the nation, its people, and its Constitution. Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding; its purpose is not to punish a wrongdoer, but to prevent him or her from doing further, irreparable harm to the country. The question of prosecution, or imprisonment, comes later—if at all.

That's Larouche, not the Tea Parties. It's also something you'll never hear from the MSM as they paint the Tea Parties as racists. The reporters never bother to see exactly who it is that is making the racial slurs. The Larouche folks are at every rally. They are the ones most prone to use words like Nazis and it is those words most associated with racism. Yet, the same MSM attaches these racist words to the Tea Parties.


Anonymous said...

Of course, LaRouche is a Democrat, as are his followers, for all the national Democrats try to disown them.

Indeed, the Texas Democrat Party has renounced and denounced the votes of the Democrat Primary in my congressional district down here in Texas.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a black person, or any person of color, at a tea party event.

mike volpe said...

I have. What's your point?