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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Congressman Hare in the Crosshairs

By now most have seen this video.

In it,Representative Phil Hare, when asked how Obamacare is Constitutional, says,

I don't worry about the Constitution

This video eventually went viral. It sparked so much outrage that Hare put out a video of his own in response.

Now, Hare is in the cross hairs. That comment, in and of itself, has put that seat into play. In fact, Hare believes the questioner was a plant from his opponent.

What was supposed to be a routine stop at the Quincy Senior Center on Thursday to discuss health care, has turned into a war of words between Congressman Phil Hare and his opponent.

Republican Bobby Schilling attacked Hare Friday on the Congressman's comments to questions about the constitutionality of the new health care law. Hare criticized his opponent for politicizing the event.

Click here for a link to see the video that's stirred the controversy and you can read the dueling press releases issued by both campaigns below.

Hare's district, the 17th in Illinois, is in the central and Western part of Illinois. It includes towns like Quincy, Springfield, and MaComb. It's not overwhelmingly liberal and also the definition of a gerrymandered district.

With these comments, Hare has become a target for the Tea Parties. In a similar way, Bart Stupak became a target as soon as he capitulated.

Now, there's defeat Bart Stupak literature all over the internet. Here's just one example.

We have to make sure that every politician knows that if they betray "We the People" and our Constitution that they themselves will be "Stupaked" and defeated for their act of betrayal.

That is why it's so important that we defeat Bart Stupak - the man who provided the Democrats a bloc of nearly 12 Democrat voters for the awful government-run healthcare bill.

We now have JUST 8 DAYS until we launch our TV and radio ad campaign to "Defeat Bart SStupak" and bring the Tea Party Express buses to his district to rally thousands to defeat his re-election campaign.

So help us teach Bart Stupak and ALL of these politicians a lesson.

You can bet similar correspondences will be made about Hare. Hare is already in some trouble.

A poll of registered voters in Illinois' 17th Congressional District shows about 40 percent of those surveyed would vote to re-elect Congressman Phil Hare (D-Rock Island) if the election were held today.

Now, the Tea Parties have him in their sights.


AG said...

Didn't you also say that about Alan "Don't get sick, die quickly" Grayson?

mike volpe said...

Are you of the opinion that Grayson is safe? There's plenty of pols in trouble and Grayson is one.