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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Explosive ACORN Video

Here's Bertha Lewis, chief organizer at ACORN, speaking at a conference of Young Democratic Socialists.

What is the Young Democratic Socialists? They're the youth arm of Democratic Socialists of America. It's a group that's looking to bring social justice and European style social democracy to America.

This speech is from a conference held at Norman Thomas High School in New York. Thomas was a self avowed socialist that took over the mantle from Eugene V. Debs. Here's how this group describes socialism.

Socialism is one of the most misused words in the American political vocabulary. Contrary to misrepresentations by both conservatives and liberals, socialism is not about breadlines, fur hats, or police states. Rather, we fight for the extension of democracy into all aspects of social life, including the economy. We are proud of the relative democratic freedoms enjoyed by US citizens. But without economic democracy, this political liberty is weak and incomplete. People must have a voice in the economic decisions which affect their lives. Democratic socialism also means fighting non-economic inequalities of power- including racism, sexism and heterosexism in all their forms. A radical democracy is the only way to ensure a world in which class, race, and gender do not decide our futures.

We'll see how this story progresses.

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