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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theories

Beck lost me months ago and this interview is why.

Let's follow along. First, we have the now infamous comment by President Obama that he's looking to "kick ass". From this, Beck moves that comment to a conference in D.C. by the name of America's Future Now. One of the speakers at this conference just happened to be Beck's favorite whipping boy Van Jones.

Now, what Beck is saying is that Obama's comment was a code from him to this conference that the progressive revolution is coming. Talk about a conspiracy theory. That's something. Unfortunately, it's not much different from what Beck does on a regular basis. He constantly makes connections between folks like Mao and Stalin to historical American progressives like Woodrow Wilson and then ties it to the administration. Then, he brings out the most easily demonized figures to act as the face of the administration. That's why he's so obsessed with Jones. Jones is the easiest to mock and demonize.

Beck isn't the first conspiracist. There's been plenty before him. What is mystifying is how he's so popular. This is truly off the charts kooky. It's not rooted in any reality and yet he can get nearly five million people to watch him daily. This sort of thing used to be referred to as propaganda. Now, it's the highest rated show on cable news.

Beck is really nothing more than a stylized and entertaining conspiracy theorist and propagandist. After all, both go together. He believes the progressives are out to destroy America. Every day he attempts to prove it. That's it. That's his whole show. That's why I got bored and stopped watching. Yet, the same people now considered Beck's biggest fans were up in arms whenever conspiracy theories like this would link Bush to Halliburton.

Yet, he's a phenomenon. Why? Are people really saying that this isn't total nonsense? The president of the United States of America came on national television and sent a coded message to an obscure conference. He told them the progressive revolution is coming.

That's tin foil hat stuff. That's the sort of thing that a fringe group can get excited about. Yet, not only does he have a show on the biggest cable news network in history. He has a very successful show. It's a phenomenon like no other. Millions of people come daily so that Beck can spout conspiracy theories about how President Obama is getting together with obscure progressive groups to take over the world.

Usually, its' the sort of thing that the mainstream laughs at. In this case, Beck wound up as one of the most fascinating people in the world.


AG said...

The Obama Administration is in no shape to herald in a "progressive revolution" especially after they spent so much money fighting one of their core constituencies: organized labor.

As for Glenn Beck's deal, is it any surprise? Not only is the economy bad, but it doesn't even seem like anyone cares. Economic downturns and civil unrest go hand in hand. Obama isn't the only one looking for an ass to kick, everybody is. Beck is just aiming people's legs.

mike volpe said...

I don't understand how you can make some of the really dumb statements you often make when you also make very intelligent comments like this.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck should be commended for bring up issues that no one else in the media ever talk about. At least, he makes people think. Most of the media, including much on Fox News itself, is so dumbed-down it more like taking a handful of valium & going into a coma.
Agreed, Beck is a bit of a drama queen & conspiracy theorist but he is often right on target. And, he must be entertaining to maintain an audience, sadly, people today need some circus with their news.
So, don't be so critical of Beck, there's much worse in the media to criticize.
As an example, on Fox News, from time to time, there is a propaganda piece by Amy Kellog (that's her name if memory serves) that must be written by the Syrian Ministry of Propaganda. Check it out.

mike volpe said...

I think Amy Kellogg is FNS' London correspondent. I don't know any reports that were propaganda for Syria.

As for Beck, he may make you think, but that doesn't mean he's not a propagandist.

Anonymous said...

Dude, have you ever considered the option that what Glenn Beck is saying is TRUE?

Apparently this option is unbelievable to you, just like to a Global Warming fearmonger, the option that GW doesn't exist is unbelievable.

You have to open yourself up to the possibility that what Beck is saying is true. Only then you will be able to understand.

mike volpe said...

1) I don't believe in AGW

2) I definitely don't believe that what the president said was a code to an obscure group meeting in D.C.

3) Propaganda is not about truth. It's about what you select to talk about.

You don't know me. You just found this piece and so you assume I am an ideological opponent. I'm not. I still recognize Beck for what he is, a propagandist.

Victor Tiffany said...

Beck is a liar, a hypocrite and a charlatan. It's proven and documented on The Glenn Beck Review. The Review pursued his Crime Inc allegations only to find out that Glenn Beck hasn't bothered checking, questioning the "wizard" behind it, Joel Rogers.

Anonymous said...

To Mike Volpe.
Sorry, but I've seen various ''reports'' re: Syria almost every day on Fox by Amy Kellogg. They are a joke, strictly propaganda. There isn't a doubt in my mind that this BS is written directly by the Syrian gov't. - check it out, certainly not difficult to find.

mike volpe said...

I'm not sure she's on everyday and I think from London she'd have very few reports on Syria.

You will have to give a specific example. So far, you are saying nonsense about Kellogg.

Lysander said...

You're critical of Beck because, in part, that he's a
"conspiracy theorist"? Beck mostly comments
on the goals and actions of well-established, well-organized and well-financed political organizations.
ALL such organizations, necessarily are involved in
conspiracies on a daily basis; this is what they do and this is what defines them. They make no secret as to their goals, so if they advocate certain policies that are obviously formulated to achieve those goals, how can you possibly be critical of the messenger, who happens to be Glenn Beck? For any revolutionary political movement to succeed, they must be at the same time believable and unbelievable. They need the former as activists and they need the latter to remain ignorant.