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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IDF Video of the Confrontation on the Seas

This video shows the confrontation between Israeli commandos and the so called activists was very complicated, despite near universal condemnation. There are some lingering questions. What were the planners thinking sending these commandos into what appears to be something akin to a suicide mission. Some of these guys didn't even reach the ground before being attacked.

The opinions keep coming. Here's a scathing critique from Haaretz.

Netanyahu, Barak and Ya'alon have neither vision nor charisma, but they once seemed to have good judgment. The sole promise made by their cabinet was not to make hasty decisions like the one that led its predecessor into the Second Lebanon War. It was supposed to handle Israel's strategic interests with utmost seriousness and responsibility. On the night of May 30th the cabinet broke its promise, demonstrating extreme, unforgivable lack of judgment in the face of the Palestinian flotilla.

There's word that another set of ships is ready to confront the IDF today.

Pro-Palestinian activists sent another boat to challenge Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and Egypt declared it was temporarily opening a crossing into the Palestinian territory after a raid on an aid flotilla that ended with Israeli soldiers killing nine activists.

The raid provoked ferocious international condemnation of Israel, raised questions at home, and appeared likely to increase pressure to end the blockade that has deepened the poverty of the 1.5 million Palestinians in the strip.

Here's one more video of the incident.

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