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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharron Angle: the Extremist?

With her victory, Democrats are trying to paint Sharron Angle as an extremist. I'm trying to find her so called extremist positions. Let's look at all the craziness.

Sharron Angle is a former school teacher and legislator. She is known as a conservative renegade in Carson City. She wants to phase out Social Security for younger workers, dissolve the Education Department and repeal the 16th Amendment that established the federal income tax.

Wait, she wants to repeal all income taxes. Goodness, what a radical?! We definitely don't want any crazy idea like that in Congress. What makes a lawmaker think that people should keep 100% of what they earn. The Republic will surely crumble if we ever allowed that. Yet, Democrats are licking their chops to take her on this issue. They call it a tax cut for the rich. People are cautioning that she must moderate.

Democrats say Angle’s extremist ideas include eliminating the Education Department and repealing the federal income tax. Manders told his listeners on Wednesday “this hardcore right thing is going to kill her.” He said “it may cost her an election if she doesn’t understand that.”

I would love to see the Democrats running against across the board tax cuts. It's a sign of how far we've come that massive tax cuts are now seen as extremist. Are Democrats really going to spend the campaign telling people that they don't pay enough in taxes and that eliminating income taxes entirely is radical.

It's in fact so radical that our country was founded with no income tax. In fact, it took an amendment to the Constitution only to allow it.

What Angle's so called extremism shows is that when we say we want bold ideas, that's only theoretical. As soon as anyone comes up with a bold idea, they are an extremist. Imagine the horror of someone suggesting eliminating an entire department. After all, our deficit is only $13 trillion. The tens of billions we'd save by eliminating the Department of Education, an idea echoed by Ronald Reagan, is completely unnecessary. After all, our country's finances are in perfect order.

Then, she wants to phase out Social Security. How crazy is that? After all, the unfunded liabilities in Social Security are only about a hundred trillion. That's easily solved right. What exactly would happen if we weren't able to meet our liabilities? Wouldn't that be the same as phasing it out? Angle is definitely a radical and an extremist.

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