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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pelosi Heckled

This video is just plain fascinating.

This came at the beginning of the Democrats hundred million dollar plus PR campaign on health care.

The White House and its allies are launching a massive public relations campaign to convince a skeptical public that its historic health care reform legislation is just what the doctor ordered. But some Democratic partisans say the PR juggernaut wouldn't have been necessary if the administration hadn't lost control of the message in the first place.

"Why is it that 60 percent of the public is confused about health care reform? Is it because they've done such a brilliant job communicating what the thing is about? Of course not," said Ted Marmor, author of "The Politics of Medicare," who was there at the creation of the health care program for seniors.

Given this video, the Democrats had better hope the old adage is true, "there's no such thing as bad publicity". Meanwhile, the President also held a tele town hall in which he touted how health care reform would benefit Medicare.

U.S. President Obama will have a national teleconference town hall meeting with seniors Tuesday to discuss the Affordable Care Act, the White House said.

Broadcast from the Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center in Maryland, the teleconference will cover the act's efforts to thwart scams against seniors in advance of the first mailing of $250 rebate checks for people trapped in the so-called "doughnut hole" in prescription drug coverage, the daily schedule indicated.

Before Obama even got in front of the podium, John Boehner was attacking the whole endeavor as a gimmick.

House GOP leader John Boehner (Ohio) went on the offensive Tuesday against an event in which President Barack Obama will promote his signature healthcare reform law to seniors.

Boehner ridiculed an online town hall the president will hold Tuesday morning as little more than a "glitzy PR campaign" to repackage the healthcare bill Obama signed in March.

My nickel's worth of free advice to Democrats is to stop talking about health care. People hate the bill. They'll always hate the bill and nothing anyone says now will change that. So, talking about it only reminds the voters they hate it.

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