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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Romanoff's Qualifications for USAID

This was first brought up by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

But his qualifications – and the type of experience on his resume – are slim in comparison to some of the previous people who have held those same positions.

For instance, Romanoff does not have any significant managerial experience, but each of the three slots the White House dangled in front of him would have involved leading dozens of employees.

And while international poverty is a passion of Romanoff’s, he does not have any high-level experience working on international aid or trade issues.

Defenders of the White House say that this just happens all the time. What no one wants to talk about is the result of this sort of behavior. Andrew Romanoff is plenty qualified for a number of political jobs. He has, however, little foreign policy experience. So, why was he even considered for a position in USAID?

That's likely because he wasn't considered based on his qualifications for the jobs but on raw political considerations. That's what happens when you use your power to appoint for political gain. You get political appointments rather than appointments based on qualifications.

That's an abuse of power plain and simple. The president will make thousands of appointments in his or her administration over the course of their term. Once those appointments begin to be used for political purposes unqualified people begin to hold positions of power.

That's something defenders of the White House on this issue don't want to talk about. This behavior has consequences and its abuse can be far reaching. If Romanoff was offered three jobs he was totally unqualified for simply to remove him from a Senate race, what are the qualifications of any of thousands of federal employees. Obama's actions do have consequences and it's time the administration answers for it.


AG said...

Have you ever considered the meaning that this is now the second instance where the White House went out of its way to protect the more conservative candidate in a Democratic Primary?

mike volpe said...

Have you ever considered that you always try and find some sort of deeper meaning and it's not always there?

This is scummy politics and there's nothing deeper.