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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pelosi: Blame Bush to Continue

Nancy Pelosi made it clear that the Democrats will continue to blame Bush for the indefinite future in this interview.

We'll stop blaming Bush when the problems run out

History and historians will have ample opportunities to cast dispersions on the Bush presidency. For them, blame is very relevant. Nancy Pelosi said it was relevant to blame him for the financial crisis, the recession, and even the Gulf Oil spill.

The Speaker needs a quick refresher course in leadership. People don't want leaders that look to point fingers. They want leaders that accept responsibility and solve problems.

The Speaker for instance says that President Obama inherited a deficit. That's nonsense. Deficits are year over year things. President Obama didn't inherit a deficit. He decided all on his own to grow the deficit to a trillion and a half dollars. That's entirely his doing. No one told him he needed to spend nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus. That was entirely his responsibility.

The Gulf Oil spill is even more ludicrous. People hired by the Obama administration were the ones that had lax oversight over this particular rig. It happened on Obama's watch and certainly the response was entirely Obama's.

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