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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Second Job Offer

My buddy, a huge Detroit sports fan, said this after Isiah Thomas' alleged sexual assault scandal broke,

I love Isiah, but it's getting awfully tough to defend him.

After all, Thomas, upon retiring, had blown up the CBA, the Knicks, and now he was involved in a sexual harassment scandal.

I suspect some of Obama's defenders are thinking the same thing right now. The latest jobs scandal is being billed by Fox News as Obama's Jobs Stimulus.

The White House faced fresh questions over back-room dealmaking after it acknowledged one of President Obama's top advisers had suggested to a Democratic candidate the potential for an administration job in lieu of challenging the candidate whom the president favored in the Colorado Senate race.

This one comes with its very own email further implicating the White House. In a case like this, it's very difficult to prove criminality. That's because you have to prove intent. That requires knowing what was in someone's head.

That said the court of law is significantly different than the court of public opinion. Just this week, Robert Gibbs held a press conference that could only be described as painful. It was the Obama version of the Abbott and Costello "who's on first" skit. The White House press corp grilled Gibbs on discrepancies in the memo it released on Friday and Gibbs responded by telling the questioners to refer to the memo for answers.

There's only two possibilities. First, Gibbs is hopelessly incompetent and he can't verbalize the White House position on this scandal. Second, Gibbs is being told to evade any and all questions and he's made to look like buffoon for the good of the "team" now in full evasion mode.

Now, we know that a second Democratic politician has been offered a job. The whole affair has inspired Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times to say this.

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As a public service, The Ticket today is officially launching a comprehensive list of Democrats who have not recently been offered jobs by the Obama White House to not do something. It can't be too long a list, so just leave your names in the Comments section.

The White House looks corrupt and incompetent. They're the Rod Blagojevich's of corrupt politicians. Not only are they incapable of doing it right, but they're incapable of hiding their corruption.

1 comment:

xformed said...

"Second, Gibbs is being told to evade any and all questions and he's made to look like buffoon for the good of the "team" now in full evasion mode."

While I disagree with the politics, I see Gibbs as a trooper who does as he's told, but...he doesn't have complete buy in, or he'd be far more convincing that he wasn't totally out of the loop, or totally incompetent.

I do, at some level, respect his loyalty, however, as it appears that there are criminal acts in the works (have been committed) and he is standing in the way of reporting a crime, isn't he due for the Scooter Libbey treatment? Hey, if you "lie" for the boss, then you're a felon just a few years ago.