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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Perfect End to the Town Hall Season

The person I am speaking of, Catherine Bragg, pops up at about 2:15 of the video. She provides the perfect end and capper to the town hall season.

What a perfect way to wrap up the town halls. This lady, a small business owner, hit on all the points that those that oppose Obama Care have been focusing on. She talked about tort reform. She talked about competition. Frankly, she knows more about the problems that Rep. Woolsey. The problem for her in a nutshell is this. There's 1300 insurance companies but only 6 in California. That's not much of a choice. It can be resolved by allowing for health insurance to cross state lines.

Beyond the policy points she made, the energy, anger, and passion she showed when speaking perfectly summed up the way that town hall protesters everywhere feel. The crowd ate her up and she's now going through her fifteen minutes of fame. She also delivered the perfect end to the town hall season.


Anonymous said...

"You have cancer and you have no health insurance"

Check it out, I found nine words even scarier than yours.

Anonymous said...

a passionate woman, her words gave me hope. I cried a little with joy to know there are Americans out there who still care about America. G-d bless.

Anonymous said...

So I guess all those hundreds of Small Business Owners you worship who demanded Olympia Snowe back a public option just don't exist in your world/mind.

I have very little respect for small business owners, they are the most notorious tax cheats in America.

Anonymous said...

how is it cheating for wanting to keep your own hard earned money. the cheaters are those who live off the producers through the tax system