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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarkozy On Obama: Naive and Grossly Egotistical

This video is sure to get all sorts attention.

That's Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. If Kelly's sources are solid, then President Sarkozy views our president in much the same way as many of his opponents, naive and arrogant. That's of course the worst sort of a combination for any leader. I can't find video of the entire interview and that's too bad. That's because prior to this bombshell Kelly also said that Sarkozy pushed Obama to reveal Iran's secret nuclear site in his speech at the UN. He said that Obama didn't do it because he didn't want anything interfering with the resolution he wanted passed committing the UN to getting rid of nukes.

In other words, according to the sources that Kelly has near Sarkozy, Obama thought it was more important to pass this resolution than to maximize the diplomatic confrontation between the West and Iran. In fact, Kelly said that in his estimation Obama wouldn't have revealed it at all had it not been for the prodding of Sarkozy and Brown.

If Kelly's sources are right, we have a serious problem. That would mean that Sarkozy will be weary of anything that Obama does and says. He won't be apt to join any sort of serious alliance on any important foreign policy matter. Sarkozy would then feel that Obama is incapable of properly handling and would proceed with that in mind. It would undermine most geopolitical moves made by Obama. Obama's already alienated most of our Eastern European allies by dumping the missile shield, and now a major Western European ally thinks he's arrogant and naive. Colombia has been alienated because we won't sign a free trade pact. Mexico was ticked off by protectionist language in the stimulus. That really doesn't leave too many allies.

Now, if Kelly is right about Sarkozy, and Sarkozy is right about Obama, then we have a disaster. If the president is naive and arrogant then not only will he proceed with policies with no hope of working but he'll be too arrogant to see they aren't working. With Afghanistan on the brink, Iran on the brink of a nuke, Russia lying in wait, and Venezuela trying socialize South America, we have a lot of potential problems. If we have a president both clueless and too arrogant to realize he's clueless, we have a lot of potential problems that will explode.

I was always stunned by how anyone could vote for someone that was four years removed from being a state senator. What exactly did his supporters think? Did his supporters really think he was up to being president? Obviously, the jury is still out, and it's unfair to make total judgments yet. That said, I think everyone should begin to admit that we may all be facing our worst nightmares with President Obama. So far at least, it appears all of our worst nightmares are coming true. We have a far left ideologue that's not all that bright and too arrogant to see it.


Anonymous said...

"Now, if Kelly is right about Sarkozy, and Sarkozy is right about Obama, then we have a disaster."

Luckily, the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette is about the least believable source imaginable. When you wrote "the Pittsburgh Post Gazette said" you might as well have wrote "Richard Mellon Scaife said." And we all know what Mr. Scaife thinks of Democrats.

mike volpe said...

It's true that Trib is a conservative leaning paper and apparently Scaife loses money constantly and doesn't care. That's beside the point. You clearly didn't watch the clip. All I can is that if Kelly is lying, he'd ruin a forty year journalistic career. I don't think he's lying. His sources may have misconstrued the situation, that's possible. I doubt he's making up conversations.

Anonymous said...

Is Sarkozy the arbiter of opinion?

Arrogant people tend to say others are arrogant but dont look at themselves.

Remember Sarkozy trying to act as if he was the saviour of Europe and threatening to walk out of talks if such and such didnt happen.

mike volpe said...

true, and that's why I said, IF. That said, even if Sarkozy is wrong, that he thinks that is a problem.

Mike said...

Apparently, this goes back pretty far.,8599,1892375,00.html

Tim said...

Isn't an arrogant leader who is too naive and dumb to know he is wrong EXACTLY who just left office?

Does anyone look at Obama and Bush and think, "Hmmm, it's like they're twins!"

If the latest smear tactic against Obama is to advance the notion he is dumb, then Obama has nothing to worry about. He is a lot of things, but who seriously thinks he's dumb? Besides this blogger.