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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congressman Grayson Said What?!

Even though I'm sure everyone has seen this, here's the video making the rounds.

Now, I bet the audience and I had the exact same thought. Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Kennedy, and Bill Clinton must all be fuming. After all, Nancy Pelosi was worried that some of the explosive language in the debate could lead to violence. Patrick Kennedy compared some of the statements made in the health care debate to terrorists. Bill Clinton made similar remarks. Now, if ever there was language that coarsens the debate, it's proclaiming the other side wants people to die. Isn't it fair to say that accusing your opponents of being murderers could lead someone to violence? "Strangely" Nancy Pelosi et al haven't rushed to a news conference to condemn this speech made on the House floor as exactly the wrong sort of speech.

In all seriousness, Grayson is a sideshow. I had some respect from the Congressman from Florida because he undressed Ben Bernanke and exposed a very shadowy practice of the Fed. Here he's clearly caricatured himself. He's probably put himself into the GOP crosshairs. So, he's brought on all sorts of problems on himself and even more now that he won't apologize. More than that, his statement is part of a growing pattern of the Democrats. Instead of Debating the merits of the debate, opponents are racists, killers, and mindless. That's a sure fire sign that you have no argument. The Democrats are spending little time debating the merits, and spending a lot of times throwing insults and turning around with righteous indignation about the coarsening debate.

What this Grayson outburst is, is yet another example of the outward manifestation of the chaos they have created in the health care debate. As they continue to blame Republicans, it is the Democrats stepping on each other's toes. The public option was introduced in the Finance Committee and killed by Democrat votes. In the House, Pelosi says it won't pass without the public option. The Democrats can't figure out health care reform. They know it, and they are responding like any desperate animal. They lash out at every thing in sight in brutal desperation. That's what we see when they call the townhalls unAmerican, when every criticism is called racist, and it's what we saw in Grayson.


Anonymous said...

No fun to be accused of death panels, is it. In any case, Grayson has already claimed he thinks this stunt will increase his prospects for reelection.

I must admit, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on John L. Perry's now retracted Newsmax column essentially describing Business Plot II.

mike volpe said...

I didn't expect him to say it would hurt his re election.

I don't know the column you speak of. I don't go to Newsmax that often. If the column is conspiratorial in nature, I would probably not like it.