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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No One Knows What Jesus Would Do

Desperate to pass health care, some of the President's supporters are trying to make the claim that Jesus would favor universal health care. For instance, here's how some of his religious supporters framed the issue.

It's one thing to underwrite the lethal use of force against the unborn as part of a nationalized health-care system. It takes a certain moxie, though, to persuade oneself that such plans warm the heart of the Almighty. Yet this is how defenders of the president's agenda, including the president himself, like to talk.

Passages in the Bible about compassion, justice, and the plight of the poor are grafted into policy speeches and legislative proposals. In a recent pastoral letter, the National Council of Churches cites the parable of the Good Samaritan, who helped a stranger "in desperate need of health care." The not-so-subtle conclusion: get behind the president's plan. "Will you join us in this witness to the Christ," the letter implores, "who still brings Good News to all?"

Meanwhile, here's how liberal pundit Ed Schulz put it.

Now, I have been referring to the health care reform deal as the real moral issue of our time," Schultz said. "I believe Jesus would vote yes for a public option, but some Bible thumpers don't see me eye to eye on this one.

Here is the reality. No one knows what Jesus would think on political issues. Jesus was the son of God and a philosopher. He didn't really get into politics though, one could say that much of his activity was political. That's frankly beside the point.

Jesus never gave on opinion on universal health care. Such debates were nearly two millenia away still. So, no one knows how he would come down. So, invoking his name is nonsense. It's also cheap and finally, it's desperate. First, no one knows what Jesus would think of universal health care. Second, Jesus was the deity and so it's hard to imagine how his views would be relevant even if he gave an opinion. This is the latest in a series of very desperate acts by desperate people.


Anonymous said...

It does kinda make him sound like Mark Sanford and Michelle Bachmann, too.

lisa said...

They are being what they always are....condescending

Mark said...

Yeah, how could the opinion of "the deity" be relevant?
The deity has however, reputedly, endowed his creatures with certain inalienable rights, to wit, life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.
Life, et al, could be construed as, by definition, universal health care. That's the extent of the right though. We also have the "right" to die and to abuse our life (health).
While we don't know what Jesus "would" do, we DO know what he DID do...he provided Universal Health Care by DYING the death just like we all will do, and then rising from the dead to demonstrate "eternal" life, and provide faith, hope and love to meet the deepest need of all who care to avail themselves of this health-giving gospel. Beside this reality, the questions of political speculation as to what Jesus would do are "reductio ad absurdum".

Jeremy Nicoll said...

Ha! I posted something on this today as well. It's slightly satirical, giving the opposite view: