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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The New Shocking ACORN Video

That's a shocking investigative piece from investigative journalist James O'Keefe. O'Keefe is an investigative journalist on the new web site, Big Government, run by Andrew Breitbart.

This tape was filmed inside the Baltimore office of ACORN Housing Inc. ACORN Housing is possible the single most powerful affiliate inside ACORN, outside of ACORN itself. It's run by Michael Shea. Their head office is right here in Chicago.

In this video, O'Keefe comes in with a twenty year old female. The female is posing as a prostitute. She is looking for both tax and housing advice. The ACORN workers tell the prostitute how she can effectively use the tax codes by "creatively" creating a job title. They also give her some preliminary advice about buying a home that would be used as a brothel. The most shocking part of the video is when the ACORN workers give advice to the prostitute to list several teenagers that she plans on using as prostitutes as dependents.

ACORN spokesperson, Scott Levenson, immediately down played the video. He said the undercover journalists went to several offices before finding this one. That I can't confirm. Levenson also said that the video was taken out of context. Big Government has however posted the full transcript here.

This shocking video comes on the heels of news that a mid level manager of ACORN has flipped in Nevada. There's still investigations in more than a dozen other states. A House investigation lead by Congressman Darrell Issa recently concluded that ACORN is a criminal organization. Finally, there is the news I reported that ACORN's financial services arm, Citizen's Consulting Inc., is also a registered lobbyist. That raises all sorts of tax issues. This is the latest in a string of shocking revelations. There is also the beginning of an investigation in Louisiana, and so I think that the law has ACORN in its crosshairs.

Here's my full dossier of that group.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Who cares how many offices they had to go to before they hit pay dirt? This is the motherlode! Does ACORN expect us to believe they are befouled by only one bad apple? We're not as dumb as they look.