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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fox News, the MSM, and ACORN

If you saw Glenn Beck today, you would know that he was livid over the lack of attention that the MSM has paid to the ACORN revelations recently over at Big Government. He put up a chart of the major media including the three networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post and their coverage of the undercover video. Among all of these media, CNN lead the pack with a total number of mentions of three. Fox News, incidentally, had nineteen.

Beck was livid because he saw the lack of coverage as another example of media corruption. Beck is right. Yet, in my opinion, it really doesn't matter. The MSM is corrupt. They absolutely pick and choose the stories they cover not on their newsworthiness but on their ideology. Besides that, they don't matter.

Just think about this. Van Jones has resigned. Four ACORN workers have been fired. The census bureau no longer wants anything to with ACORN. All of this happened with Fox News leading the charge in covering these stories. On top of this, they were followed by a collection of new media sources that ultimately got the message through.

Big Government has exploded on the scene. In two days, they have instantaneously become a media force. In fact, it's really nothing more than a blog. It's, however, a blog with some very enterprising blogger/journalists breaking stories. Who cares if CNN, NBC, and the New York Times refuse to cover stories because those stories might upset their ideological sensibilities? The New York Times doesn't matter.

In fact, what has happened over the last two weeks, should tell everyone that media corruption ultimately now only hurts the corrupt media. Glenn Beck got more than 4 million viewers in his two airings of his show. He's challlenging Bill O'Reilly for the top personality on Fox News. He's doing it from the 5PM ET time slot. He got barely a blip on CNN. At the same time, stories driven mainly by Fox News and a consortium of new media have taken down a czar, four ACORN employees, and caused the census to drop ACORN.

So, why is Beck getting mad? Their corruption is his gain. If everyone were covering the story he wouldn't be getting nearly 4 million viewers. The MSM is corrupt, but their corruption has only made them irrelevant. They don't matter. The media has become so fractured and eclectic that if you're corrupt and/or incompetent, it isn't that corrupt our media at large. Instead, you simply make yourself irrelevant.


Mary said...

Excellent analysis< Provocateur. I agree that Beck is attracting viewers because the rest of the media isn't doing their job. But I think he would give up good ratings for some sanity for the nation. He is passionate and feels very strongly about that which he covers. I can't stand O'R anymore. He only has surface knowledge of many things and it's all about whether or not one comes on his show. And he thinks Bamster is "brilliant". Reading a telee doesn't not a genius make.
Keep up the good work,
Mountain Mary

politicaldookie said...

Agreed, the tide is turning and the MSM is scared.

Anonymous said...

Why O'R has such an audience has always mystified me. Cannot STAND the man. There is no consistency in his opinions, no apparent guiding principle except to play the contrarian to even obvious truth.

Good article, as they always are. Glad to have found your site.

mike volpe said...

It's because of the joust. O'Reilly is very confrontational and so the interviews become a lively back and forth. He has a guiding principle but he does try and play devil's advocate even when he agrees with someone.

Anonymous said...

I think Glenn Beck would be happy to have lesser ratings if the MSM covered some of the stories he helps to break. He was shouting about Van Jones for a month before the resignation.

The MSM has shown themselves to be no more than a DNC mouthpiece. It can't possibly be helping them.

I was a little turned off by Glenn's show on Thursday. Of course the ACORN stooges are hustlers trying to scam a young couple for a commission. That's what they do.

When I saw his ratings on Media Bistro I was amazed. Good for him and good for US.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck must have been an actor at some point, because he illustrates what most are thinking when he reveals his thoughts, or someone's thoughts, about these stories. When he was only on radio, the MSM and TV viewers didn't pay him much attention. But, when he added TV to his arsenal, first to CNN, then, to FOX, it was the latter that got him in front of the audience that needed to know about him. He is soon to become on TV what Rush Limbaugh is on radio: a conservative tour de force that will put him in the cross-hairs of the Liberal establishment. I hope he is ready for the bumpy ride before him.