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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Thought on the Van Jones Video

By now, a lot of folks have seen this video.

Now, everyone has focused on the extremely unstatesmen like manner in which Jones referred to Republicans. That has been analyzed and hyper analyzed. As such, I want to look at it in another way.

The questioner made the point that Republicans are able to, more successfully, push their agenda through with far less in majorities. Her question was how and why Republicans can get things passed while Democrats, with overwhelming majorities, can't seem to do it. That's an interesting question and it takes some level of political sophistication to answer it.

How did Jones answer it? He swore at Republicans. Now, everyone is focused on the crude nature of the answer. Well, they should. Yet, what is also revealed is that Jones doesn't have the first clue why Republicans can get their agenda through while Democrats cannot, with much bigger majorities. He came up with that crude quip because he had no answer to the question.

So, first, Jones clearly shows that he isn't nearly politically sophisticated enough to answer such a question properly. Second, he couldn't simply honestly say that he didn't know. Clearly, his ego wouldn't allow it. Instead, he played to the crowd and gave them an answer that he knew they'd like, even if it was crude and inappropriate. That reveals both an inflated ego, some insecurity, and frankly a total lack of class.

Because of Glenn Beck's reporting, it's now revealed that Van Jones is not only a radical but an embarrassment to the administration. He's lifted himself up since going to jail and he should be applauded for that, but he has no business being anywhere near the most powerful person in the world. Jones needs to go and he needs to go immediately.


Anonymous said...

Well, since one of Obama's other closest advisers, Valerie Jarrett, says at the end of this video that they have been watching Mr. Jones for a long time before they brought him into the White House... it seems as though Obama knew exactly who he would be getting and is totally comfortable with Mr. Jones' tactics and views.

Two peas in a pod.

Jones is just O's loudmouth alter ego... but no difference in views.

josh vandish said...

What in the hell so whats next..