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Sunday, September 13, 2009

ACORN the Bullies

In the playground, the folks at ACORN would be the ones challenging all the other kids that looked at them funny to a fight. In this playground, they simply sue.

Those workers were subsequently fired, and the U.S. Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN in the wake of the controversy. But ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis issued a written statement Saturday saying that while she cannot defend the actions of the workers who were terminated, O'Keefe may have committed a "felony" with his operation. She also threatened legal action against FOX News, which aired the videos but did not produce them.

"It is clear that the videos are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist 'filmmaker' O'Keefe and his partner in crime. And, in fact, a crime it was -- our lawyers believe a felony -- and we will be taking legal action against Fox and their co-conspirators," she said.

In an interview with FOX News senior correspondent Eric Shawn, O'Keefe said he wants an apology from those media outlets "covering for ACORN" as well as from ACORN itself. He said he doubts ACORN will file suit.

The key to an bully is intimidation. Most bullies are actually really weak. They don't expect anyone to stand up to them. On the playground, bullies try to start fights never expecting anyone to stand up to them.

In this case, ACORN expects their bullying tactics to make their opponents to quiet down. They should because that's exactly what they've done before. It's exactly what they did to Anita Moncrief.

Project Vote, an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which became entangled in charges of voter fraud and "tainting" the presidential election, is suing a former employee who testified against ACORN last year to the tune of $5 million.

ACORN became a hot-button issue in the 2008 presidential race because of Barack Obama's ties to the group as well as its own admission that more than 400,000 of the 1.3 million voter registrations it claims to have collected were not valid.

As WND reported, Anita MonCrief worked in the Strategic Writing and Research
Department of ACORN Political Operations and its affiliate Project Vote from 2005 through January 2008.

Moncrief has stayed relatively quiet ever since the suit. She was on O'Reilly, and his near 5 million viewers, before the lawsuit, and now she's apparently bragging about being on something called BCAST. ACORN likely expected both O'Keefe and Fox News to do the same. If that's the case, they're in for a rude awakening. Once a bully is exposed all their power is gone. ACORN will likely regret ever tangling with both Fox News and O'Keefe. These two folks aren't about to back down. ACORN the bully is about to be exposed.

1 comment:

Anita MonCrief said...

I am a mom who is not working and I am not a major network or two filmmakers with support behind them. I have gone at this alone with many who have tried to discredit or silence me. I am still fighting to expose the WHOLE truth about ACORN unlike some who wish to be selective about the facts.

ACORN did not, as your imply, force me to back down. I had to secure my legal representation, which is not cheap or easy.

I have appeared on the BCAST with Michelle Malkin, spoke at the RightOnline conference and was at 9/12 to name a few. I have also done BTR with Andrea Shea King, Kevin Jackson and have more in the works. I have blogs at Hot Air, and my own blogspot. All of them have a new post up on ACORN. Please check your facts. I am not going anywhere despite the best efforts of some. Please check out my Facebook fan page for my links or ask my 1400 and growing Twitter following if I have backed down from ACORN.