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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Southtown Star Endorses Tresser

The campaign of Green Party Candidate for Cook County Board President got a boost with the endorsement of the Southtown Star.

Tom Tresser tops his business cards with the message "Unbossed and unbought" in his quest to becomes the first third-party candidate to head the powerful Cook County Board of Commissioners.
"I'm the guy nobody sent," said Tresser, who lives in Chicago. "I'm going to drive a stake through the heart of the Democratic machine. Taxpayers are being ripped off. We've forgotten the county can be a center of excellence."
Tresser, 58, may be a political neophyte, but he's no stranger to activism and collation building. Tresser's crafted a thoughtful and detailed plan we believe truly could transform Cook County government into a "center of excellence."

Here again is my interview with Tresser.

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