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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview with Enrique Perez Aldermanic Candidate 2nd Ward

Here's a few notes. Mr. Perez was charged with voter fraud in a Local School Council election. Here's an article about the situation. 

Because it was only an LSC election, not all that much has been written about it. Mr. Perez kept his seat and he addresses the issue.

Through November as well as next February, you should see interviews with candidates locally and we'll be interviewing candidates from all parties. 


Anonymous said...

To say not much was written about it is nonsense. It was an LSC election and yet it made both the Tribune and the Sun Times because Perez was found to have bought votes by the hearing officer. The Chicago Journal covered it extensively and also did an editorial demanding Perez resign from the elected position.

mike volpe said...

That's simply not true. Enrique Perez was never found to have bought votes.

In fact, it was never determined who brought in the homeless people. The reason that the charges were dropped was because the votes garnered by the homeless folks weren't enough to overturn the election.

There is absolutely no evidence that Enrique Perez was responsible for bringing them in and in fact he testified under oath that he was in another location when these folks were moved in.

Unfortunately, the Trib and Sun Times published the charges but didn't publish it when Perez was exonerated.