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Friday, October 1, 2010

How Much Trouble Are Democrats In: Manchin and Blumenthal

Both Dick Blumenthal and Joe Manchin enjoy approval ratings of 60%+ plus in their states. Manchin is currently the governor of West Virginia. About 70% of the state is satisfied with his tenure. That's no easy task considering the state of the national economy. Dick Blumenthal is Connecticut's Attorney General. He enjoys 60% approval ratings.

Both initially lead their challengers by 20% and more. Blumenthal was brought in to augment the very unpopular Chris Dodd. At first, he looked to be a shoe in. The same goes for Manchin, now running for Robert Byrd's seat.

Both are now in toss up races. Manchin is now down. Blumenthal's lead grows smaller everyday. Blumenthal has had some personal problems following revelations that he was less than truthful about his military service. Manchin has no such problems. Yet, he's seen his vote total dwindle. Both have seen their electoral prospects dwindle simply because the perception is that a vote for them is a vote for the Obama agenda. Manchin has been distancing himself from Obama daily. First, he came out against cap and trade. Next, he said he believes part of health care reform need to be repealed. Bottom line is that if these two are in trouble everyone is in trouble. 

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