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Friday, October 15, 2010

O'Reilly on the View

Of course, when the terrorists scream "Allah Akbar" as they perform their terrorist act, which religion are they bowing down to?


AG said...

I still can't understand why you don't get that generalizing is wrong. He made it sound like all Muslims, American or otherwise, were complicit and bear responsibility for that attack. That is a monstrously obscene statement to make.

Ok, I get it: Al Qaeda is a Muslim terrorist organization. But Muslims in general have no more say or responsibility over what Al Qaeda does than some Baptist living under a rock in Oklahoma.

mike volpe said...

Who were we fighting in WWII. Did we say Japanese extremists attacked us at Pearl Harbor?

I think everyone is sick of this pc culture and all this sensitivity toward Muslims.

Of course, all Muslims didn't attack us on 9/11 but the ones that did did it in the name of Islam.

xformed said...


Just when will it be acceptable to make such statements, about men you, in their own words, attacked us as an understanding of their religious duty? And many more have followed in their path. Major Hassan comes to mind right about now. The men who plotted an attack on FT Dix, the ones trying to blow the jet fuel at JFK, the one who gunned down two army personnel in AL outside a recruiting station. And they all told us it was in the name of Islam. Seeing as how they are not claimint they are from the IRA, the Young Communists, or even your local Baptist Church, how do you counter Bill's not so much of an allegation, as must as the evidence is on his side?

At a pragmatic level, peer pressure is a very powerful controlling force. So, for the rest of the, as you seem to believe, "peace loving" Muslims, why are they silent, and not stamping this behavior out in their own communities, or marching through the streets saying it's not about Islam, because we're letting you know we're not part of it?

The silence of the opposing Muslim voices to the ones we hear is not deafening, it's barely a whisper, occasionally, and those small voices seem to be squashed by peer not say a word.

It is being allowed to happen, if they are not taking a stand against it. They are just "lukewarm" by that measure, not gutsy enough to stand, but fearful enough to keep their mouths shut.