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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U.S. Can "Absorb" a Terror Attack

Bob Woodward wrote a book I really liked called Bush At War and now he's out with his first book about the Obama administration. This quote is sure to generate all sorts of attention.

President Obama, after being warned repeatedly by his advisers about the threat of another terror attack on U.S. soil, said in an interview two months ago that the United States could "absorb" another strike.

The comment was included in the new book by journalist Bob Woodward, "Obama's Wars," excerpts of which were reported by The Washington Post and The New York Times.

The book depicts the contentious debate the Obama administration endured to craft a new strategy in Afghanistan. According to the Post, Obama spent the bulk of the exhaustive sessions pressing for an exit strategy and resisting efforts to prolong and escalate the war.

The book also describes all sorts of infighting about the direction of the war. That said, there was all sorts of infighting in the Bush administration in Bush at War. This book is sure to create buzz and we'll see how it is received.

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