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Monday, September 27, 2010

Manchin Wants Parts of Health Care Reform Repealed

The popular governor turned Senate candidate is facing a much tougher race than he expected. He's now only up 2% in the latest RCP average. This is happening despite having about 70% approval ratings statewide.This may explain Manchin's sudden twist on health care.

In Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin's quest to strike a bipartisan chord as he campaigns to fill the late Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd's seat, he's joining the GOP's call to repeal pieces of health care reform.
Manchin endorsed President Obama's efforts on landmark health care reform and voiced support for the bill before and after its passage in March. Now, just five weeks away from a tougher Senate race than he expected against Republican John Raese, the governor said in an interview with RealClearPolitics that he supports many basic components of the law but volunteered that some of it needs to be repealed.

The race will still be tough and we'll see if Manchin does follow through on this promise if elected.

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