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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feingold: "I'm A Career Politician"

This one is hard to believe.

Feingold said at a news conference that Republican Ron Johnson's frequent use of the description in a derogatory way is unoriginal and falsely implies that being dedicated to public service is "somehow an awful thing."

"This man's campaign so far appears to be the constant repetition of a phrase, 'career politician,'" Feingold said. "And it's not very original because it's basically being used in every campaign in the United States of America. What it amounts to is an attack on me and what I've chosen to do in my life."

Feingold is facing a tougher-than-anticipated challenge from Johnson, a political newcomer Republicans hope can knock off the three-term incumbent and help put the Senate back in GOP control. Polls show a tight race eight weeks from the election.

I'm not sure if this is the year to run as the "career politician". If that's Feingold's strategy, this race goes from toss up to safe Republican.

As for his assertion that there's nothing wrong with a "career politician", I suggest he look around at the motley crue of thieves, liars, and opportunists we like to call Congress and he should get his answer for what's wrong with a career politician.

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