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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Obama Trifecta

So, what is in the news today? Velma Hart, the now famous questioner of President Obama in the CNBC townhall, is she the new Joe the Plumber. Second, Bob Woodward's book has the astonishing admission that President Obama chose a withdrawal date because "I can't afford to lose all the Democrats". Third, President Obama continues to be linked to Jimmy Carter.

The wheels have come off his presidency and he doesn't appear capable of fixing things.


AG said...

"that the president's ability to pull himself out of a political tailspin is hampered by his resistance to seek out fresh thinking."

I guess that's what happens when you surround yourself with Clintonites like Emanuel and Summers.

The only thing going for the President right now is that while the wheels might be coming off his presidency, the axles are coming off the Republican Party.

xformed said...


Keep wishing. I think you'll find there's plenty of passionate people, not of the "D" persuasion, who will be making sure some in many in Congress get told "You're FIRED!" come the sunrise of 11/3.

So...can't blame it on Bush, you you will now blame it on the Clintons. Prez O will soon be out of all political capitol if he keeps this up, except maybe that banked with Bill Ayers. Not a good place, for "The Blameinator."