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Friday, September 17, 2010

Total Hypocrisy on Christine O'Donnell

Remember these quotes...

tax cheat Tim Geithner


turbo tax Tim Geithner

Those are two common things that Sean Hannity says about the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. Remember, Geithner didn't pay the social security tax on his income at the IMF. The same Sean Hannity is now a chief defender and cheerleader for Christine O'Donnell. Isn't this the same Christine O'Donnell that is behind on her taxes?

In March, the IRS initiated an audit and placed a lien against her for $11,744.59 in taxes and penalties from the 2005 tax year.

When Karl Rove famously attempted to bring this up, Sean Hannity fiercely defended O'Donnell and said she explained all her tax troubles to him (Hannity) and her answers were fine. Of course, Geithner also explained his own tax problems. That hasn't stopped Hannity from attacking him mercilessly on the issue.

Meanwhile, the same liberals that fiercely dismissed the tax issues of Geithner, Rangel and other Obama associates are now saying things like this,

how can someone who can't handle their own finances be able to handle the nation's finances?

That sounds an awful lot like a conservative argument.

The reality is that everyone is an opportunist on this issue. If you are O'Donnell's opponent, her personal financial problems are a serious issue even though similar issues are dismissed when done by political allies. If you are like Sean Hannity, the same problems that mean you attack Tim Geithner mercilessly mean you dismiss them with Christine O'Donnell.


xformed said...

Lest we forget:

Rahm and a rent free apt for a few years.

"Cold Cash" Jefferson.

Whitewater...'nuff said.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd making sure the mortgage crisis was kept on track, holding off Republican requests for reform of Fannie and Freddy.

Isn't Boxer's husband in construction/real estate and millions upon millions landed in their neighborhood?

How about jfkerry and not paying taxes to the state he represents, by docking one state over for the lots of money advantage.

Can't argue issues anymore, while the Nation is headed to financial ruin.

I have no doubt the MSM will make sure this is played endlessly, with not so subtle innuendo about how all in the Tea Party are just like her. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

racial as usual politics if you did not notice mixed with rep/dem politics