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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dr. Chacko to Boston?

After a tip from a commenter, the trail for Dr. Chacko's next job may be leading to Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Chacko's resume is on line and her preferred destination is Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Chacko also appears to maintain an active medical license in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Montana.

Dr. Chacko spent about six years in the Boston area. She spent about five plus years at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts. When she was fired, Dr. Chacko was carried out by security screaming

Kiss my big Indian ass

She then moved onto the Boston University medical center where she was removed after about a year after sexual harrassment complaints were reported to human resources.

In order to maintain an active license in Massachusetts, it must be renewed every two years. Several questions must be answered including whether or not you have been fired from any institution. Either Dr. Chacko didn't answer those questions truthfully, or the Massachusetts Medical Board doesn't care that a doctor continues to get fired over and over. It's also interesting that one medical license not listed is Pennsylvania even though she's worked there for the last year.

UPDATE: I've just been told that to work in the VA system all you need is a license in any one state and not necessarily the state you work in and that's likely why Dr. Chacko didn't have a medical license in Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to speculate on why Chacko likes Boston so much.

Boston is quite liberal so she might feel the people are pushovers, particularly on questions of sexism and ethnicity, which she can use to her advantage. Also, Boston is cosmopolitan with a large population of people from all over the world.

Why anyone would be foolish enough to hire her is anyone's guess. It's chutzpah on her part to think she could just slip back into Boston.

The good people of the Commonwealth have to be vigilant. If she tries to reappear, the state medical board needs to be convened and her record carefully reviewed. Hopefully, not everyone in MA is sworn to silence about her case.

She needs the old-fashioned title, "Enemy of the People."

Anonymous said...

Gotta chime in here since I've had a few private exchanges with Mike and I didn't want to deny the people the pleasure.

What you all probably suspect is that most of this is a put-up (set up?) to ferret out the sources so she can pursue action. That who she is, that's what she does. The early AM call to Butte, the rumors about Boston, more to follow I'm sure.

If this is just entertainment for you folks then let the games continue. If you are truly ready to end her reign of terror then reach out to Mike with whatever you have. I can personally vouch for his loyalty since we've been connected for months and he has never violated my confidence. For all of you who are reading this from your computers at Lahey, the VA's or wherever. Jump into this thing. You'll find it very cathartic. If you don't and she harms a Pt or employee, then who is really to blame?

Reach out to Mike. He's a solid citizen who's in this to end it, not to play off of it's yet-to-be-determined shelf-life.