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Friday, December 18, 2009

Council Winners

The Council winners are up.

Council Submissions
First place with 3 points! – The Razor - Obama Versus Carter
Second place with 2 1/3 points – Wolf Howling - Ringside Seats To A Revolution
Third place with 2 points – American Digest - December 31, 2010: Defused Lethal Poem Released by Government. “Safe but Still Sucks” says President
Fourth place with 1 point – (Tie*) – Soccer Dad - Goldstone’s Innumeracy
Fourth place with 1 point – (Tie*) – Joshuapundit - WAPO’s Ezra Klein Accuses Joe Lieberman Of Genocide
Fifth place with 2/3 point – (Tie*) – Bookworm Room - Press Secretary Gibbs perfectly exemplifies nanny state thinking
Fifth place with 2/3 point – (Tie*) – Mere Rhetoric - HRW: We’re Not Sure About Marc Garlasco’s Nazi Obsession, But There’s Definitely A Coordinated Jewish Cabal Of Liars Attacking Us
Sixth place with 1/3 point – Right Truth - Gitmo Comes To America
Non-Council Submissions
First place with 3 2/3 points! – Zomblog - Why America Hates Universal Health Care: The Real Reason
Second place with 21/3 points – Iowahawk - Fables of the Reconstruction (Or, How to Make Your Own Hockey Stick)
Third place with 2 points – Jason Maoz/Commentary - How Richard Nixon Saved Israel—but Got No Credit
Fourth place with 2/3 points – (Tie*) – The Belmont Club - The Monkey Trap
Fourth place with 2/3 points(Tie*) – EU Referendum - A Busy Man
Fourth place with 2/3 point(Tie*) – Yourish - The War President’s Peace Prize
Fifth place with 1/3 points – The Brussels Journal - The Anti-Globalist Agenda Behind The Climate Conference

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