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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sean's Coming Home

The saga of Sean Goldman and his father may finally be coming to an end.

A family in Brazil will not appeal a custody ruling that will return a 9-year-old boy to New Jersey, Fox News has learned.

"There comes a time when you have to say the war is over," said Sergio Tostes, an attorney for the Brazilian family. "We could appeal but that would only prolong the suffering. We don't want to prolong this any more."

Brazils' chief justice ruled Tuesday that the boy be turned over to David Goldman in a decision that appeared to bring the case in line with international custody accords.

Sean Goldman went on vacation with his mom about five years ago to Brazil. He never returned. His mom stayed in Brazil. She married a Brazilian and took custody. This is a clear case of kidnapping but Brazilian courts refused to grant custody to Sean's dad. Then, his mom died last year. Sean then lived with his step father while his biological dad fought for custody. Now, the saga may finally be ending as the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that Sean can finally go home with his dad and the family in Brazil won't challenge the ruling.

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