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Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the Brink of Collapse: Bad Roofs, Corruption, and Murder

UPDATE: Please also check out my new book, The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers by going to this link where in chapter three this case is explored in further.

Gerard Beloin has been a roofer for more than two decades. In 2002, he was one of several roofers to place a bid on the new roofing project in the neighboring town of Goffstown, New Hampshire for their local high school Goffstown High School. In preparing for his bid, he examined the roof. He noticed that the roof was not only not up to code, but dangerously close to collapsing. The roof was made of tectum decking. This material is strong when it is first installed however tectum becomes weak when exposed to water.(page 5 number 3 explains the potential dangers) As such, after being exposed to water for many years, the material was now dangerously close to collapse. (note the video is about five minutes but a few minutes in a demonstration is made of what will happen to this material)

Gerard Beloin took his concerns to school board President, Dr. Craig Hieber. Hieber began to speak behind the scenes with other members of the school board about what should be done. Then, only months after Beloin brought his concerns to Dr. Hieber, Dr. Hieber died. (or very likely he was killed since his death was consistent with ARDS, which can happen when someone is gassed)

Dr. Hieber was replaced on the school board by Kerry Steckowich. Steckowych was then, and now, the head Prosecutor for the city of Goffstown as well as a member of the school board. Steckowych was having none of Beloin's concerns, and furthermore, the contract for the roof went to another company, Prime Roofing of New Ipswich, NH. Furthermore, while the roof has still never been brought up to code, the contractors were paid.

Beloin then became a man on a mission and began investigating the circumstances of Dr. Hieber's death and the school board in general. He begin to suspect that the whole thing was significant corruption and that Steckowych was in the middle of it. He took his concerns to the New Hampshire Attorney General's office. The chief investigator for the Attorney General's office, Michael Bahan responded like this.

Steckowych is a close personal friend of mine. If Steckowych is involved, there is no crime.

Michael Bahan is himself a curious character. When he was still simply an investigator, he was in charge of the investigation of Judge John Fairbanks. Fairbanks was accused of stealing nearly $2 million from his law clients. Bahan had concluded that Fairbanks was innocent of all charges. Shortly after this though, Fairbanks fled the country when the FBI began to investigate him. Furthermore, New Hampshire authorities appeared to have botched a trace on the phone of Fairbanks' relatives and he was able to make several calls back into the state after leaving the country. Eventually Fairbanks wound up on the FBI's 10 most wanted list, and he even earned the notorious distinction of being featured on America's Most Wanted. Dispite this rather obscene and high profile screw up, Bahan eventually earned a promotion and was chief investigator at the time he crossed paths with Beloin.

The place next door to his place of business burnt down. Despite there being all sorts of curious circumstances surrounding the fire that burnt down this building, according to this letter, the fire chief of Goffstown, Frank Carpentino, had no interest in investigating it. As the threats began to be more dire, Beloin began to secretly record meetings with Kerry Steckowych and others involved in this evolving corruption. At one point, local real estate mogul, John Janigan, was recorded by Beloin saying this. In this recording, Janigan makes an allusion to certain nefarious elements using bombs with gas in them. Of course, Dr. Hieber died in a manner consistent with being gassed. As a result, Beloin signed this letter in which he promised not to investigate Kerry Steckowych any further.

Beloin eventually broke that promise and he continued to secretly record Steckowych and his allies. Beloin took all his recordings and not only published them on the net (transcript here) but took his evidence again to the New Hampshire Attorney General's. These tapes included admissions of arson, extortion, and kickbacks. This time the Attorney General's office began investigating Beloin. That's because recording someone without their permission is a misdemeanor in New Hampshire. Publishing them is a felony. Beloin should have been covered by the law in two ways. First, he always recorded everyone in public places where there was no expectation of privacy. Second of all, all of these recordings are recordings of criminal acts. One can't have an expectation of privacy if they are talking about committing criminal acts.

Yet, beginning in 2005, the state of New Hampshire began a three year court battle with Beloin. Because Beloin has represented himself throughout, the legal proceedings have not been able to cripple him financially. (he eventually hired attorney Paula Werme to guide him through but maintains the lead role in his defense) This case has seen more than 300 hearings, motions, and . The first judge, Judge Phillip Mangones, refused to allow Beloin to play the recordings and he eventually found against Beloin. Beloin appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court and the decision was overturned.

The case then wound up in the court of Judge James Barry Jr. Judge James Barry Jr. initially also refused to listen to the recordings. Keep in mind, the contents of these recordings don't merely show evidence of criminal wrongdoing of folks in and around the New Hampshire political class, but their contents are crucial in proving Beloin's innocence. For two judges to simply refuse to hear them is nothing short of a violation of Beloin's due process rights. Still, Judge Barry eventually not only dismissed the case but with prejudice. (transcript here)

Despite this unambiguous ruling, the state was allowed to re file. Furthermore, the case again would up in front of Judge Barry and this time he refused to even acknowledge that he had already dismissed the case with prejudice. The case continues to be pending today. hereThe trial is now set for November 10th, likely not coincidentally, a few days after the election.

To this day, no one, besides Gerard Beloin himself, has been charged or investigated. The death of Dr. Hieber hasn't been investigated. No one committing crimes on any of the tapes that Beloin made available to local and state authorities has been charged or investigated. There has been little media attention to all of these proceedings. While it remains unclear why that is, Joe McQuade, publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader, appears to have a friendly relationship with Kerry Steckowych. Furthermore, the landscape of print journalism in New Hampshire appears to be a near monopoly. That's because the Scagliotti and Tomasko families, which co own the Union Leader, also own many of the other local papers within New Hampshire.

Furthermore, general contractors have gained a terrible reputation because their business has been infected by the well earned reputation of being too close to the criminal element. When an entity, like a school board, is spending someone else's (like the tax payers) money, it is easy for the process to be corrupted. The full project for the Goffstown School District wound up costing nearly $1.5 million and the roof was still not updated. The full story behind this may never be known. Yet, Gerard Beloin continues to fear for his life and only the evidence he has published and others he holds onto continue to keep him safe.


Here is the follow up to this story.


Anonymous said...

It seems like madness gone mad. I want to see how this turns out.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable that the Beloin person is dragging the poor Heiber family into your CRAZINESS! Shame on him. I was at at a Town hearing that you disrupted and everyone left there thinking he was nuts. I believe they call people who think everyone is out to get them paranoid. I think its time to get a new hobby.

mike volpe said...

I am sorry but I don't live anywhere near Connecticut so I couldn't have disrupted anything.

As for Mr. Beloin, well the people that he thinks are out to get him, are on tape trying to get him.

As for you, are you serious? Do you really think that you can come on here and spew this nonsense and make anyone believe this story any less?

Anonymous said...

I listened to all of the recordings. It is truly madness gone mad. It at least deserves an investigation.
Does anonymous #2 have any empathy for Mr. Beloin and his family?? They are the ones being threatened. I would like anonymous #2 to repost his comment AFTER he listens to the recordings and write it with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Gerard is a hero. Keep it up! Mike, you are doing a wonderful job as always. Madness gone mad can be defeated if you are crazy like a fox!

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" person who called Gerard "crazy" is surely one of the culprits who Beloin is exposing. Keep it up, Gerard! You know you're over the target when you get a lot of flack. Thanks to people like Mike the genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back in. Their days of terrorizing citizens are nearing an end. Too many people know. If you hadn't taped the conversations, you'd be a dead man. It was an act of self-defense. Keep it up. You have fans in Indiana and elsewhere throughout the country.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the tape(s). He only posts what he wants you to hear. The gentleman on the tape is a VERY elderly gentleman that was clearly lead into his answers by Mr. Beloin. Oh, by the way, I am also a communicant of St. Lawrence parish where the church has a RESTRAINING ORDER against Mr. Beloin that he cannot come within a certain distance from the church because he is a potential danger to the people. A restraining order by a church. Yeah, that sounds like he's a guy I want my kids around. A relative works at the same school as his wife and she is vocal about how she fears him because he is unstable. She wants a divorce but fears he will go off the deep end and hurt someone, even his family. So, unless you watch this nut in action, that the Heiber family has looked into legal action against, I suggest you reserve your comments since they are speculation until you witness him LIVE as I did at a Town Meeting.

mike volpe said...

There are literally dozens of tapes. I am not sure how you know that Gerard only posts what he wants us to hear. Did you hear other recordings? The recordings that are posted speak for themselves. There are people talking about bombings. There are people talking about extortion. There are crimes committed on many of those tapes.

Furthermore, there are many different people on the tape and finally it is not so simple to know the age of someone from a recording. Your allegations don't hold up to any serious examination.

I don't know how it is relevant what happened at this church. I didn't even mention it in the piece. I do know that you have come on here and attempted to demean his character with nothing more than innuendo. That speaks for itself.

Gerard Beloin has backed up everything he has said with evidence. All you have made is allusions and cryptic allegations of innuendo. If you really think that you will be believed over him by anyone that reads this story, you are full of yourself.

The reality is that such baseless allegations as yours only lend more credence to his story. Your attack is frankly typical of the anonymous attacks I get whenever I write about corruption.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sour grapes for not getting a roofing contract. Do you know how much snow fell in NH this past winter? I didn't see anything in this information saying that the roof collapsed.

mike volpe said...

Where to start, where to start.

The only problem with waiting until the roof collapses is if anyone is underneath it when it does, they likely DIE. The best trick is to fix the roof before it collapss. I guess that is above your head.

It may in fact be sour grapes, however the tapes clearly show other things like murder, bribery, extortion, and other corruption.

Finally, it doesn't need to snow to make the roof more flimsy. Rain will do the trick as well. Plus, it has snowed plenty in the last twenty years in New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" person who libeled Gerard outed himself as someone close to the situation. I can see through this clearly. It's the old kill the messenger if you don't like the message routine. Sorry, bub, but there's too much evidence out there to convince me that Gerard shouldn't be listened to. I think Gerard should go after you for defamation. It's not too difficult to find out which computer sent the comment.

Gerard told me the story about what happened at church. There's SO MUCH MORE to the story than you've stated. Much more! Could it be that some of the churches members are also some of the same people involved in the roofing scam that Gerard uncovered?

SF Architect said...

Gerard Beloin is one of four major whistleblowers across the US to catch on to the roofing scam targeting schools and the public work by three well-known roofing companies in Cleveland, Ohio - called out as such in the 1999 New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report, "Waste Fraud and Abuse in School Roofing Projects". It is an extensive report - the nay-sayer above has obviously not read it.....

Gerard MUST speak up or he does not protect himself and his family. It would be irresponsible of him not to do it, and frankly, unpatriotic, given what these thieves are doing to the future of the US.

The greedy nutcases taking money from the taxpayer till and using the law to do so have no right to threaten his life. What nerve, what evil!!!!

Worse, to try to paint HIM as the nutcase when the evidence shows thieves threatening him is insane on the part of those doing so - and those are the people who should be locked up in insane asylums, not Gerard.

Yes, I know it could sound crazy - but until you are a decent every day person, a professional in my case, and YOU get hit with blatant thievery of the taxpayer dollar and the ensuing threats - would you not use your rights under the Constitution to free speech and stand up to the "mob" operating in New Hampshire as "law professionals"?

Are you nuts, the crazy person(s) up above who refuses to "get it"?

Or are you involved, too?

I'll bet anything it is the latter.

Do some homework. Get a bead on reality - there are whole segments of society just living off handouts from kickbacks - as in School Board folks, City Councilmembers, Mayors, Facilities Personnel - you name it. Where I worked at the University of California, San Francisco, a former Contracts Manager in Facilities crowed to me that "Everybody was involved, Everybody!" four years after LYING to FBI Agents about it...and proceeded to give details about the kickbacks.

Let's see, out of a department of 800 people, how many did she say were getting kickbacks for illegally sole-sourced construction products ( fixtures, furnishings and equipment (roofing being the major example)????

Stick this in your craw, the guy(s) with your ostrich-lik behavior: I saw a new fire alarm system go up in four hospitals all on one huge block and up to 17 story heights....and many levels below greade....and it was not needed.

The young 33-year old manager who specified it? He got a 500 SEL black on black fully loaded 4-door MERCEDES for it.....

OK, you want to hear more that Sales Reps, National Sales Managers and UNION Leaders are telling me???

With goodies that good to be stolen out of the taxpayer till, Gerard isn't crazy. Those of you trying to pooh-pooh him are UNQUESTIONABLY part of the scams and benefiting in some way!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do have a restraining order on me granted by the same judge who tried to have me committed to the NH State Prison Secure Psychiatric Unit for the Criminally Insane. I was ordered to be evaluated by Dr. James Adams, the Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for the NH State Prison Insane Asylum, simply for playing these recordings, I’m not even the progenitor of these recordings. The progenitors are agents for the State of NH! Dr. Adams wrote an 8 page derogatory letter. He repeatedly lied in the letter. I posted it online and linked his comments to the recordings and court records. It reads like a comedy script for Saturday Night Live. (Google Gerard Beloin and read it for yourself) When it came time to testify at my competency hearing he refused to testify because under oath, it would have been perjury. 4 other Drs. said I was fine. Dr. James Murtagh had a similar court fight that had him being called crazy. When the dust settled there were 143 indictments with 127 convictions for exactly the same crimes I’m alleging. Not bad for a crazy man.

The elderly “gentleman” on tape is John Janigan. He is worth hundreds of millions. He is putting a hit contract out on me! Matty the Horse Ianiello is the same age as Mr. Janigan. He was recently convicted of violent crimes and is serving a life sentence. Albert “Chinky” Facchiano is 96 and he has just been convicted of committing violent crimes and is serving jail time. What anonymous is saying is that violent criminals should be allowed to commit violent crimes after they reach a certain age. Small minds and criminal minds seem to go together.

As for my wife and family, he is making it up. She is frightened and wants to enter a witness protection program. I told her that it won’t work because it’s the police that are threatening to kill us. He has concern for the Hieber family but none for the Beloin family when we are the ones being threatened with death.

Goffstown Officials lined up witnesses to say that I threatened them with a gun at that Town Meeting. The State then filed Motions to take my guns away. They dropped the motions as soon as I told them that I had a crystal clear recording of that meeting. That is perjury, suborning perjury and conspiracy to commit perjury. No one is being prosecuted for that.

Two police officers corroborated their stories about me threatening them in a parking lot with my gun. They also recanted when I told them I had a surreptitious recording of the meeting. No charges were filed for filing a false police report. That is perjury, suborning perjury and conspiracy to commit perjury. No one is being prosecuted.

We are talking about a pervasive sickness in the NH legal system and anonymous is part of the disease.

Gerard Beloin

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should hear the South Boston dangerous and unsafe porch situation my husband and I revealed, and the shenanigans that ensued from the property manager to the city of Boston inspection services.
City Inspector admitted property manager should not do the "patch job" he'd started, so ordered an engineer to visit. The property manager called his "friend" engineer charged the condo association close to $600 bucks for initial visit and husband and I got our own impartial engineer.
The impartial engineer condemned the decks out right, examining all levels with handy screwdriver. The crooked engineer, said "all was well, keep patching" -- a few weeks later as aging putty fell to decks in storm, fellow condo owners interviewed the engineer who'd signed off as safe, and he revealed he'd "never even stepped on the decks!"
Absolute madness.
We took property manager to court - got same ruling, dismissed without prejudice, only because we did not have condo association with property manager had made it look like we were the problem!

Anonymous said...

A restraining order by a church? That is suppose to indicate someone is unstable? What it would suggest to the even semi-intelligent is that the "church" is just as corrupt as those who Beloin had previously identified. I also notice that the "avenger" for the corruption mob fails to note any relationship between the "church" leadership and the corrupt individuals. Dare one suggest there is a sizable connection?

Anyone have a portable wet/dry vac that could be taken to New Hampshire? Of course, you'd need several dozen large dump trucks into which the sewage could be pumped.

All of this does one important thing. It tells me to keep myself and any business investments OUT of NH. Our board had considered moving a large portion of one enterprise into the state. Thanks to learning of the corruption, state wide, that consideration will be revoked on Monday.

Christopher King said...

NH LE, from the top down, is a dirty enterprise.

I noted in the bottom of yesterday's post about predatory lending that Kelly Ayotte's "investigator" G. Michael Bahan found no wrongdoing with a company that forged by signature, used my notary seal and committed Wire Fraud.

No surprise there, as G. Michael Bahan found no wrongdoing against that infamous NH Attorney and Judge John Fairbanks -- who stole millions from clients and his family and wound up on the FBI's most wanted list. Read this excerpt at p.17 from Paula Manopoli's American Probate.

Bahan also gave NH LE and "classic, rogue bully" cop Bruce McKay a pass when McKay put his hand on his gun and threatened Tim Stephenson. Check it out.

There's more. Much more. Note that G. Michael Bahan has been pretty scarce lately, and then there's that curious death of Dr. Craig Hieber, who was replaced on the school board by Bahan's buddy Kerry Steckowich. Bahan of course refused to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing in that death.

Anyway, I guess Kelly was too busy chasing me for writing an NAACP Demand Letter to since-fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin J. Dunn to give a damn about the Wire Fraud. As to what the AG's office in NH has been doing for the past 25 years since the Dow Murders and Judge Fairbanks, well that's anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, take a look at how NH AG Kelly Ayotte's bag of lies just caught up with her when it comes to the KingCast RSA 91-A/Right-to-Know court costs vis a vis the Deadly Force Investigation Protocol in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Another case of corruption that ties not only corrupt New Hampshire but officials connected to the CIA and US Military PSYOPS

On September 11, 2009 a girl named Aradia Marshall was kidnapped from CA with fraudulent documents from NH--the courts in NH actually tampered with records to defraud another state and gave her to cult leaders in the state of PA who are linked to PSYOPS and CIA and other goverment contractors.

The mother were former NH residents but never lived in the county the orders came from. The same court doing this is the same court that did an illegal adoption on her. However, the grandmother fought and one with rights of visitation--meaning no adoption but a guardianship. Her grandmother is the wealthiest client Fairbanks ever had...and she had assets in CANADA. Her family used to own Mclean Magazine in Cananda--and are related to Thomas Costain.

But there is more here the father of Aradia is a former Federal witness who caught a KKK Neo-nazi militia stealing items from Fort Devens and trying to obtain certain US technology they were tied to the biker gangs in Laconia.
The court in NH appointed Lenora Boehm a suspended attorney as a GAL(she is uncertified too. The same Lenora Boehm is retained by the biker farms in NH.

One of the persons Aradia's father testified against is Brian Chabot who happens to be running for US Senate in NH. The same cult leaders formerly ran one of these biker gangs tied to the militia Robert Nilram personally knew Brian Chabot. They also were involved in white slavery and human trafficking.

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