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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rubio Rakes in the Cash

Marco Rubio took in an impressive amount of cash in the last quarter.

Marco Rubio’s Senate campaign continues to rake in the contributions, raising more than $4.5 million during the recently completed second quarter, according to a statement released Monday.

The campaign of Mr. Rubio, a Republican, also announced that it has taken in more than $11 million in total and indicated that its second quarter haul outpaced his rival, Charlie Crist’s best fund-raising quarter. The Rubio campaign did not say, however, how much money it has on hand.

Polling in Florida has suggested that the Senate race could be close, but Mr. Rubio’s campaign certainly seems to have the momentum when it comes to gathering donations.

This is turning into the most interesting, most unpredictable, and most widely watched race in the country. So far, the polling is all over but more often than not Governor Crist still leads. He's benefitted from being in the spotlight as governor since the oil spill. Still, at some point, Crist will tell the world which side he will caucus with and it will be at that point that the race will be clearer.

The conventional wisdom is that Crist's lead is "soft". In that, many of Crist's voters can be swayed to go elsewhere. He's getting significant numbers of both Reps and Dems. Once he tells the world which side he caucus' with, the CW is that those on the other side will leave. So, this race remains unpredictable until that moment. It is, however, clear that Rubio has not been hurt by the scandals that hit him and the Florida RNC.

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