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Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Chacko Update

UPDATE: Please also check out my new book, The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers, in which Chapter 4 is dedicated entirely to the exploits of Dr. Anna Chacko. 

In the Aunt Minnie piece, Dr. Chacko suggests that she may try and get her old job back.

Ironically, Chacko claims that the Pittsburgh VA has put Chacko's former job as chief of radiology out to bid for the second time after failing to find a candidate in its first search. A representative with the Pittsburgh VA declined to comment on personnel matters at the facility, citing privacy concerns.
With the political winds appearing to shift in her favor, Chacko says she's considering whether to apply for the Pittsburgh VA job again.
"I'm going to apply," Chacko said. "I know the corruption in the VA better than anyone else. I want to make the VA safe for veterans."

In March of this year, Dr. Chacko was terminated as head of radiology at the Pittsburgh VA. The position has not yet been filled. Dr. Chacko is claiming that she plans on applying again for this position. Here's how a congressional source with knowledge of the situation characterized her chances.

I’m confident that it’s beyond the realm of possibility for someone who’s been terminated from the VA for cause to get another job there – especially the job from which they were removed!

On that note, here's how one veteran radiologist described the medical profession.

there are high percentages of the entitled, sociopaths, arrogants, and logic-challenged in the medical field. Take your pick!

That may explain in some small way the whole Dr. Anna Chacko affair.


Anonymous said...

That thing about not being able to get your old job back at the VA - is likely true. However, it also depends on what the VA wants others not to know about how they function. I do know people who work there and they tell me that the most successful VA employees are totally corrupt. It's so bad that even the attorneys for the agency also are totally criminal- this despite their oaths to uphold the law, in addition, the IG basically whitewashes everything to make it seem like nobody did anything wrong. And unless the FBI or the US attorney starts to look into criminal activity- you can be assured that nobody will get punished. The people who ultimately suffer are the veterans who are treated like crap.
Even though 5 doctors in Milwuakee Zablcki VAMC, likely tried to coverup a case where a patient died after multiple errors, nothing happened. It appears that the doc who made the crucial erros elicited their help in covering up his fatal error, because he is the head of radiology for the whole VISN. Because of that the patient died needlessless but that is the modus operandi- you as a vet have absolutely no rights as a human being when you go to the VA because even the docs don't read the Hippocratic Oath- Image that.
Read about it:


Also, if you file an EEO for sexual harrassment or any other reason, you will likely get fired, like that lady in St. Louis who told them that their sterilazation tecniques were substandard.

mike volpe said...

More than one person has asked me to investigate this VA hospital. Someone needs to contact me with details. I'm not superhuman. I'm not able to find things out magically. Someone needs to step forward. If you have something to add about this contact me at my email,

Anonymous said...

mike, you have all your friends at vaphs. Why don't you investigate there for a start about how VA administration works? You might be surprised to find more well settled c{r}ooks ? Chacko fiasco story seems to have lost luster even for the "anonymous" at vaphs.

mike volpe said...

The Chacko story never gets old or stale and anyone that thinks that doesn't think so, doesn't know it.

Anonymous said...

here is a sample mike from VA watchdog. It is not what happened. Families should never learn from a newspaper, VA SHOULD have informed FAMILY of misadministration even if they did not think hemolysis contributed to the death. They have reported to FDA but not the family ????

VA gave vet wrong blood hours before '07 death, report shows

The parents of a Navy veteran say the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare system never told them hospital staff gave him plasma from the wrong type of blood 16 hours before he died.

"He's gone now, and we can't get him back, but I'm mad as hell," Robert Guthrie of Morgantown, W.Va., said this week. "But at least now we know what happened."

Kenneth L. Guthrie, 57, died June 16, 2007, in the VA Medical Center in Oakland, where he had been transferred two days before from Clarksburg, W.Va., for treatment of sepsis and liver and renal failure.

A sample of Guthrie's blood was mixed up with another patient's, and the plasma was transfused before a routine confirmation test could be completed, which is a violation of standard procedure, the report states.

"They didn't say anything about that," said Robert Guthrie, who learned about the FDA report's findings from the Tribune-Review. The report was obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act. Robert Guthrie said he has no doubt the report refers to his son.

VA officials declined to comment on the report or Guthrie's treatment.

"Even though this patient is deceased, we must protect his privacy," VA spokesman David Cowgill said in an e-mail response to questions.

The FDA, following an inspection in September 2007, cited the VA for not doing the routine confirmation test. The FDA said it was informed of the death Aug. 21, 2007.

Anonymous said...

Reading your story about Chacko and then anonymous- I know totally the guy they are talking about from Milwuakee Zablocki VA- total loser and nut. I know that all the radiologist in Madison left because of this guy who runs the VISN 12 imaging from Milwuakee VA. Unfortunately,not to generalize- he and Chacko happen to be from the same country- is it something in the water or culture- do they have some sort of elist attitude?
Definitely investigate this guy- He is the head of VISN 12- from Chicago (Hines, Jesse Brown) to the UP- including Milwuaukee and Madison.