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Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Public Option?


Could the public option be revived?
Months after a Republican filibuster helped kill off a government-run health plan under the new health-care law, Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott and other U.S. House Democrats are calling anew for a Medicare-like public insurance plan that would compete with private carriers.
This time, the Democrats are taking their arguments straight out of the Republican handbook, saying a public plan would lower the deficit.
Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., Wednesday evening introduced the Public Option Act. McDermott is among the 128 co-sponsors. Others include the chairmen of the three House committees, and their three subcommittees, with jurisdiction over health care.
That would be the same Jim McDermott that was hanging with Saddam on the eve of the Iraq War. The Soros wing of the Democratic party could try and put this to the floor. It has a snow ball's chance in hell of becoming law.
Mere mention of the idea, however, once again brings health care to the front of our minds and that helps Republicans.


AG said...

Indeed, I'm sure the last thing Barack Obama and his Chief of Staff want right now are "f__king retarded" liberals reminding everyone his health care bill is pretty much a bailout of the insurance industry. And it wasn't the Republicans who filibustered that public option, it was Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and Blanche Lincoln.

That being said, I do think its only a matter of time before America has a Medicare-for-all system. At the end of the day, there's only two ways to reduce the cost of health care: force people to use less of it, or force health care providers to take a pay cut.


Forty-six million with no health insurance! Are they space-aliens, illegals..the super-rich..Where?

Well, sign 'em up, Obama.

Then find the medical personnel to treat them! - reb
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