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Monday, July 26, 2010

If the Sherrod Affair...

Is all Secretary Vilsack's fault, how does he still have a job? Talk about a debacle and everyone in the administration says the ultimate responsibility lies with Vilsack. So, why is he still the Secretary of Agriculture?


xformed said...

Lack of accountability. A measure of this Administration. It's only GWB who is being held accountable, and for things he truly had no hand in.

I'm disgusted.

AG said...

The phrase accountability is so ridiculous with respect to politicians. The whole idea of accountability is that one will accept the consequences of the thing you're taking accountability for.

Frankly, one of the reasons I find Lindsey Graham so refreshing is because he's so overt about the fact that nobody can really tell him what to do because the alternative is to vote him out in favor of a Democrat. I'm not saying its right I'm just saying he comes across as much less pretentious because he doesn't self-righteously claim to be some noble character who leads by example.

xformed said...

AG: How about this? We elect them, let them spend our money. make policy, then never have to answer for it?

That's what's happening now. Why? We let them do it to us.

Would you consider hosing over your employer but just setting your own rules and expect to hang on to a job? Nope...happens few places besides where politicians congregate, and I think they willfully take advantage of it.