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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is Gerard Beloin Crazy?

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About ten days ago, I spoke with New Hampshire State Representative Al Baldassaro about the events surrounding the case of Gerard Beloin. I spoke to him mainly about a New Hampshire Executive Council meeting that Beloin attended and spoke at, but we also spoke about some of the background that surrounded Beloin's appearance there. Baldassaro has known Beloin for more than two years. It was back in 2007 when Gerard Beloin shared a series of recordings with Baldassaro. On these recordings, there are discussions of murder, conspiracy, extortion, kickbacks, arson, as well other crimes. Upon hearing the recordings and other background evidence that Beloin provided him, Baldassaro concluded that in fact there was criminal activity going on, or as he told me, "I don't think Gerard Beloin is crazy"

Gerard Beloin's saga begins about seven years ago. It ultimately comes down to this simple question: is Gerard Beloin crazy? If he is, then all that have ignored him so far are right. After all, he's crazy. If, however, he's not crazy and everything he's documented is accurate, then there's something very sinister going on in New Hampshire and it reaches as high as the office of Governor John Lynch. If, in fact, Gerard Beloin is not crazy, then the entire of political structure of New Hampshire is corrupt and what started as the cover up of a bad roof has turned into a cover up all the way to the governor's office.

Back in 2002, Gerard Beloin, a roofer, bid on a roofing project for Goffstown High School. Upon inspecting the roof, he discovered that the roof's structure was weak. The roof was made of a material called tectum. That material weakens with too much water and Beloin believed that after years of corrosion the roof could give way at any time. He shared his concerns with the school board's president, Dr. Craig Hieber. Dr. Hieber said he would share his concerns with the rest of the school board. A couple monts later Dr. Hieber died. Dr. Hieber was replaced on the school board by Kerry Steckowych, who was also the attorney for the city of Goffstown. Steckowych dismissed Beloin's concern and the school board gave the contract to a competing roofing company.

Beloin suspected something was rotten in Denmark and he suspected that Steckowych was involved. He took those concerns to the New Hampshire Attorney General's office. The chief investigator, Michael Bahan responded like this.

Steckowych is a close personal friend of mine. If Steckowych is involved, there is no crime.

Sometime after this the building next to his own place of business burnt down. The culmination of these events made Beloin fear for his life and he began recording conversations. It was these recordings that lead to the series of recordings I linked that included mentions of murder, arson, kickbacks, and extortion. He took the recordings to both the Attorney General's office and to the office of the Hillsborough County Prosecutor, Marguerite Wageling. Upon hearing the recordings, both those offices decided to prosecute Beloin for making recordings without the permission of the other party.

He's since been in court nearly three hundred times defending himself. No one else has ever been charged in the case let alone convicted. In fact, on numerous occasions judges have denied Beloin's request to play the recordings in question. Beloin has written regularly to the County Prosecutor's office, the Attorney General's office, the New Hampshire Executive Council, and the office of John Lynch, Governor of New Hampshire. He's also gone to every major newspaper and television station in the area. None have responded with any investigation. Lynch recently nominated Marguerite Wageling for a Superior Court Justice position.

Beloin presented himself at a meeting of the New Hampshire Executive Council to speak against this nomination. At this meeting, Beloin spoke against Wageling's nomination. In his view, her refusal to investigate the recordings and instead prosecute Beloin made her unfit to serve as a Judge. Beloin planned on playing eight recordings he had made over the years. He was only able to play one. Before he could play anymore Ray Burton, one of the council members, cut him off and terminated Beloin's testimony. Burton didn't respond to an email and voice mail. Another council member, Bev Hollingworth, told me that she believed that Beloin was given the same opportunity that all other speakers were. She also didn't see how these tapes were relevant to the nomination of Marguerite Wageling. Even Baldassaro, who believes that there is evidence of criminality in the tapes Beloin played for him, signed in support of Wageling at that meeting. (Baldassaro took Beloin's recordings to the New Hampshire Attorney General's office)

So, there's the saga of Gerard Beloin. It's pretty clear. Either, Beloin is paranoid and crazy and he's badgering government officials all over the place in a state of total paranoia. They are all ignoring him because there's simply nothing there. The only other possibility is that Beloin is not crazy. He discovered a bad roof that needed fixing. Instead of fixing it, the school board covered it up and gave the contract to someone else. Then, to cover this up, members of the school board and their allies began committing other crimes that included threats to Beloin's life. Then, when evidence of this was presented to all proper law enforcement, law enforcement covered that up and retaliated against Beloin. In that case, what Beloin has really uncovered is that the entire political, law enforcement, and judicial structure in New Hampshire is corrupt.


I must also be crazy but whenever I write about this case, links, especially to incriminating recordings, become corrupted. So, if any link doesn't work, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I am familiar with this case from the beginning. Yes not just in the original town but in another town was there bid rigging and the company was paid double the price for inferior materials that could collapse the roof in time.

Bid rigging is the crime here and the company that got the job in the second town had already been convicted of it before in another state.

What screwed up Beloin was that he did the recordings illegally.

Since he is right, but he has no redress in the matter, it did drive him crazy. His continual attempts to get this mitigated drove everyone else around him away.

But the situation did and does exist -- our state allows bid rigging in the towns and our former AG covered up a LOT of things.

NH is one hella corrupt little place.

mike volpe said...

I'm not sure the tapes were illegal but I also don't want to adjudicate the case here. If you record someone doing or saying something illegal that, I don't believe, is itself illegal. He has plenty of redress, as you say, but someone in a position of authority must take the ball. That they haven't is what drives him crazy.

If what he did was illegal, then certainly putting all these recordings on the internet is illegal. There's all sorts of charges he would face if it really were illegal.

In fact, if what he did was illegal, then he should have been arrested at the meeting of the Executive Council, since he played a recording for them. So, that is a bit off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is half right and half wrong.

He is wrong. The recordings are perfectly legal. Steckowych is the one threatening me through his subordinates. Steckowych is the victims and witness advocate in the town of Goffstown. If you believe you are being threatened you have to go see him to get approval for a wiretapping. That will work. Right?? Anonymous needs to review the statutes. NH RSA 644:9 speaks for itself. As soon as someone starts acting criminally all of their rights to privacy are abrogated. I would say that the threat of death at the hands of police gunfire is illegal.

Anonymous is right about the bid rigging. NH is a corrupt little state. Public contracts are rigged to the detriment of the tax payers with risk to the safety of the public.

As for me being crazy?? Listen to the recordings and they speak for themselves. All I'm doing is asking questions and demanding answers of our public Officials and for that I'm being threatened with death.

As for driving people around me away?? I have lost some friends because they heard the recordings, they believe me and don't want to get caught in the cross fire. Others have rallied around me. Strangers have started websites seeking donations for my defense. Friends and relatives have contributed $60,000 so far. More is coming.

As for me being crazy. I have a new recording released recently. Listen to this recording and tell me who is crazy. Goffstown Police and law enforcement officers and politicians planing multiple murders and disposal of the bodies at sea and the Police Chief says "There is nothing there". It's actually a little funny if you listen to it carefully. - KRAJENKA AND WAGELING LYING TO PROTECT STECKOWYCH.wav

I can tell you one thing for sure. These recordings are driving many people in law enforcement crazy. They don't know what to do because they have lost every court battle so far. They are now losing in the court of public opinion.

Gerard Beloin

Anonymous said...

I agree... it's a hitch they used to explain away why they will not take the ball. After all, the AG won't prosecute blatant campaign violations and vote fraud even when given mountains of evidence so, that's your corrupt little NH for you.

Anonymous said...

I recently attended a meeting of the NH Executive Council. At that hearing I passed out 12 copies of the transcripts of the recordings. I played one recording. I read from the transcripts about the politicians from NJ sending up "the Italians" to take care of people like me.

Since I was convicted of one misdemeanor of making these recordings illegally, (now under appeal at the NH Supreme Court) my testimony consisted of at least a dozen felonies in front of dozens of law enforcement officers and politicians. NH RSA 570-A:6

Many of these guys are tasked with investigating me. The NH Attorney General, the Hillsborough County Attorney and several NH State Troopers.

Because I was in public with the cameras rolling, not a single person lifted a finger to arrest me.

I guess this crazy man is immune from prosecution?

My actions at the Executive Council meeting were a direct challenge to the law they say I'm violating.

Their silence at that meeting was deafening.

Gerard Beloin

Anonymous said...

I have been aware of Gerald's situation even before the Goffstown fiasco and i can assure you he is on to widespread corruption as I had uncovered in NJ, I found a similar situation in NJ and prompted the NJ State Commission of Investigation to investigate the bid rigging situation involving school roofs and this body revealed widespread corruption that cost taxpayers millions of dollars as reported in the findings WASTE AND ABUSE SCHOOL ROOFING PROJECTS OF SEPT 2000-IT ON THE WEB AT THE NJ SCI SITE. I have followed Gerald's saga from the onset and the reason he sought me out was because I had a background in the scam. I have concluded that Gerald has struck a nerve and the powers to be are using all means to intimidate and silence him.

what that tells me, just like here in NJ corruption is widespread in NH and those in power are doing everything to keep it going. Yes Gerald is hard headed but not crazy. All that has to be done is to review his claims and if they are baseless then decide-as far as I know no one has ever looked into the substance of his claims how about doing that now!