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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Council Submissions

The Council submissions are up.

Council Submissions
Mere Rhetoric - Lefty Meme Congeals: The Real War Is In Pakistan Not Afghanistan
Joshuapundit - J Street – A Particularly Nasty Dead End To Be Avoided
Bookworm Room - The march of the thought police
The Provocateur - My Interview with Wade Rathke
The Glittering Eye - Are We Promoting Our Grand Strategy?
Rhymes With Right - And To Think The Average Income Of American Families Dropped By 3.6%
Right Truth - Overwhelmed by current situation in America and the world
Council Submissions
Submitted By: The Watcher – Dismantling America - Thomas Sowell at Real Clear Politics
Submitted By: The Watcher – Riehl World View - Exclusive: How The NRCC Bungled NY – 23
Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric – Pajamas Media - Showdown on J Street
Submitted By: Joshuapundit – The Augean Stables - Investigate the investigators: A time to rebuke Goldstone
Submitted By: Bookworm Room – GM’s Place - Splitting: Fox News and the White House
Submitted By: The Provocateur – Mercury News - Racial Skirmishes in our Own House
Submitted By: The Glittering Eye – Daniel W. Drezner - Theory of International Politics and Zombies
Submitted By: Rhymes With Right – JammieWearingFool - Why Is GE Exempt From Government-Ordered Pay Cuts?
Submitted By: Right Truth – The Tygrrrr Express - Why not just kill all conservatives?

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