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Thursday, July 2, 2009

George Soros' Unholy Alliance with ACORN

What if a corrupt far left billionaire got together with a corrupt but effective grassroots group in an effort to radically change America ? That's exactly what's happening between George Soros and ACORN. Think of ACORN as instruments of George Soros grand plan. Soros wants to elect far left candidates, pass universal health care, props up the unions among many liberal ideological goals. Think of ACORN is the tool of implementation of his ideology, or at least a tool. On top of this, every policy which Soros uses ACORN to implement also helps President Obama. That's the stakes in this unholy alliance.

For instance, ACORN has an affiliate named Project VOTE. It's an organization that specializes in GOTV campaigns. Of course, the scam is that this group only goes into areas of the sort of candidate that Soros likes. So, while Project Vote does in fact do voter registration drives they do them almost exclusively in poor, African American neighborhoods. In other words, they would only do voter registration in neighborhoods that would back candidates that Soros would also back. Of course, Soros would never give money to ACORN directly. In fact, here, one of his own affiliates Democracy Alliance, gives money to Project Vote, itself an ACORN affiliate.

Whenever Soros does business it's like this. The reason for this is that the world that both Soros and ACORN inhabit is a maze of tax codes. 501 (C)3, 501 (C)4, and Soros favorite 527 among dozens. Each has its own rule for disclosure. The more tax benefits a non profit organization the more it has to disclose. By both Soros and ACORN creating multiple affiliate organizations it's nearly impossible to track the money. As it moves from one affiliate to another eventually outside folks aren't allowed to see all their records.
(O'Reilly's now famous diagram of Soros affiliates)

This way all sorts of shenanigans can go on without enough of a paper trail to prove it. There are stories that have reported that Soros was behind, what they call a rigged recount and he used ACORN in just such a way to do it in Minnesota for Al Franken. Of course, it goes without saying that Franken accounts for the 60th and filibuster proof vote in the Senate

Another way that Soros uses ACORN is in the area of universal health care. Here, the two form an alliance along with several other far left groups called Health Care for America Now. A Politico story recently characterized HCAN as "the groups that represent the base of the Democratic Party".on the issue of health care. One of the biggest donors in HCAN is the Tides foundation. That's another Soros affiliate. Meanwhile ACORN is one of a group of more than a dozen different organizations that created HCAN. HCAN runs as a 501 (c)4. Here are all the principles involved in creating this organization.

ACORN, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, Americans United for Change, Campaign for
America’s Future, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Campaign for Community Change, Children’s Defense Fund Action Council, Communications Workers of America, International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW),, NAACP, National
Council of La Raza, National Education Association, National Women’s Law
Center, SEIU, UFCW, USAction, Women's Voices, Women's Vote and Working

(Of course, you should notice other liberal icons in this group like La Raza, the SEIU,and This group is now organizing advertisement campaigns against wavering Democrats like Mary Landrieu. They hold rallies, organize town halls, and make phone calls among many different other support activities in order to get universal health care passed. (four minutes into this video in front of HCAN, Congress Woman Jan Schakowski admits that the goal of universal health care is single payer)

Meanwhile, the guy that runs the Tides Foundation is a gentleman named Drummond Pike. He's close personal friends with Wade Rathke. Wade Rathke was the long time CEO of ACORN who was removed last summer because he covered up the embezzlement of his brother Dale. When this embezzlement was first made public, Wade turned the embezzlement into a loan and then sold said loan to Pike. As such, ACORN no longer owned the paper on what was owed. It's one of the perks for ACORN of having wealthy and powerful friends. It's no different than the quid pro quo they got from Bruce Ratner, owner of the Nets, to build a new stadium in Brooklyn.

Soros is also a supporter of the unions through his involvement with the SEIU. The SEIU contributes funds to Soros linked organizations, does GOTV activities, and any other grass roots activites for liberal causes. Of course, the local New Orleans 100 SEIU is run and was created by Wade Rathke. Yes, that's the same Wade Rathke that used to run ACORN. Furthermore, ACORN members often belong to the SEIU as well. The SEIU often uses ACORN to organize Alinsky like demonstrations in order to pressure hospitals, grocery stores, and other places of business to unionize.

Then, there's George Soros' good friends Herb and Marion Sandler. They created the Sub Prime Mortgage Company Golden West. They sold it to Wachovia for $24 billion in 2006. It ultimately lead to the demise of Wachovia. The Sandlers contribute a great deal to an organization called the Center for Responsive Lending. This organization was a champion for Community Reinvestment Act, which championed quotas for bank's mortgage lending an poorer areas. ACORN used this very CRA in order to perpetuate campaigns of intimidation on bankers in order to get them to comply with the CRA. The Center for Responsive Lending funded a lot of ACORN's CRA activities.

There are several things everyone should know. First, at all times their connections are loose and so difficult to track. Second, ironically, all of these connections are made that much easier by McCain/Feingold. In fact, it's not too far a stretch to say that McCain was used as a pawn by George Soros in creating the shadow government that Soros uses. After all, shadowy groups like 501 (c)3's and 527's would have much less power without McCain/Feingold. Now, Soros has a community organizing group to advance the agenda of a President, himself a former community organizer. Under no circumstances should we ever underestimate George Soros.


Anonymous said...

Exceedingly OLD news.

mike volpe said...

You can't please everyone. It's so old that I am the only person in the media to dedicate an entire article strictly to the connection between Soros and ACORN.

Brandy M Miller said...

Thanks, Mike! I know about Soros, but not everyone does. More people need to be informed. This guy is a serious danger to freedom.

Anonymous said...

George Soros is the number one threat to the freedom of the people of the United States.
Not my President Obama is his puppet to fool all the weak minded fools.
Soros/Obama Inc. must be stopped and they must be stopped now.

Anonymous said...

So what action will be taken? I despise Soros, but if no official action is taken, the information is somewhat useless and people can continue to mock us as moonbats.

( no snark intended)