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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Council Submissions

Council submissions are up.

Council Submissions
The Provocateur – The Definitive Dossier on the House Health Care Bill (Pages 1-500) Part
Wolf Howling - Gates & The Politics of Race
Joshuapundit - Bigotry In Basic Black
Rhymes With Right - Time To Fix The Texas Social Studies Curriculum
Right Truth - Advice to Sergeant Jim Crowley
The Glittering Eye - Is Technology Responsible for Rising Healthcare Costs?
The Colossus of Rhodey - Common sense on the Gates arrest
Mere Rhetoric - One Jerusalem Conference Call With George Gilder: Israel Is The “Crucial Battlefield For Capitalism In The World”
Soccer Dad - It’s the speeches stupid
Bookworm Room - Make me Well
The Razor - Waging Lawfare: A Call To Arms
Non-Council Submissions
Submitted By: The Provocateur – Dick Morris - Socialism Doesn’t Work-Even in China
Submitted By: Wolf Howling – Wendy Kaminer @ The Atlantic - Law Students Flunk Academic Freedom 101
Submitted By: Joshuapundit – Michael Yon - An Artery Of Opium, A Vein Of Taliban
Submitted By: Rhymes With Right – Rge Free Market Warrior Blog - NOW WE ARE THE STORY
Submitted By: Right Truth – Digger’s Realm - DHS Launches New Website – Top Stories Include Saving Bald Eagles
Submitted By: The Glittering Eye – Heretical Ideas - Is Barack Obama An American Citizen?
Submitted By: The Colossus of Rhodey – The Daily Beast - The Man Who Let Mengele Get Away
Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric – Ludwig von Mises Institute - The Second Coming of Keynes
Submitted By: Soccer Dad – - Obama insults the entire medical profession
Submitted By: Bookworm Room – American Thinker - Hoven’s Index : The First Six Months
Submitted By: The Razor – Dave Price – Dean’s World - Choice and Risk

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