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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Facilitating Racism: A Follow Up

Upon writing this critical piece of what I consider to be Barack Obama's perverted geopolitical view, I received the support of one dubious source, this racist forum. The language is typical of most racists and I quoted some samples in my original piece, and frankly I will give that language absolutely no more plugs. I turned this discover into a mission to discover how these racists are able to create and maintain their forum. Since I am anything but an internet and technology expert, my initial piece has some errors that I want to correct, and furthermore, I have since been able to identify several more facilitators.

First, in my initial piece, I laid some blame on a company called V Bulletin. V Bulletin not only hosts forums but also provides software open to anyone for web hosting solutions. Upon emailing V Bulletin, I was informed that this racist forum merely purchased their software and wasn't using their hosting services. In other words, V Bulletin is an unwitting participant in facilitating racists coming together on the internet to trade hate back and forth. The same is true of PHPBB. They are another company that provides software for web forums. These two companies have become unwitting participants in facilitating racists. Racists have purchased their products, available to all, to create a forum where racists can come together and spout hate.

The real villains in this story are the web hosting companies, and in some cases their partners who create domain names. The first villain is Secure Server Tech. SST hosted a forum that has since stopped working. Interestingly enough, spam, viruses, and "malicious botnets" (infected software) are to such places like racists forums, what racist forums are to the rest of us. That's because folks that disagree with their ideas use these things to try and bring down their sites. Many times they succeed and thus racists are forced to use multiple back ups. In the case of SST, they hosted a forum that has since crashed, likely due to one or a combination of the three things I mentioned.

In fact, there is a niche in web hosting that actually tries to market to such groups as racists, and they use the noble term "free speech" to do it. By free speech, these web hosting companies are actually marketing solutions to circumvent the obscenity laws that most countries have. Most of these companies provide web hosting solutions that have their bricks and mortars in the Netherlands where the obscenity laws are much looser. Here is how SST explained it...

Hosting in Amsterdam with more freedom of content and speech. Main rules being no childporn, malicious scripts/pages or SPAM on the network, almost all other content is allowed. Abuse and DMCA messages will be forwarded to the client for resolution, in most cases action is not required.

In other words, companies like SST seek out racists, perverts, and other deviants, and provide solutions so that all these groups are able to connect with each other and become uninhibited. They use the term "free speech" to make their actions seem noble rather than despicable.

Another company that provides exactly those sorts of solutions is Slim Host. Slim Host is another web hosting company that markets among its services "free speech" web hosting and thus actually seeks out racists and other deviants for its services. Slim Host has partnered up with a domain hosting company called Up Names. Up Names involvement is still unclear. I checked what would happen if I put in the racist forum name into popular domain hosting company, Go Daddy, and it was accepted. Thus, Go Daddy doesn't have a filter against words either. Still, Up Names is mentioned by name and linked by Slim Host, and that indicates that there is an active partnership.

A third villain is another web hosting company called Brave Net. They host another racist site that is linked to from the main page. Brave Net is another web hosting company that provides solutions for "free speech" web hosting. The broader villains are all those that participate in this so called "free speech" web hosting. They word it as some noble cause when really they are merely procuring the most uninhibited feelings of racists, sexual deviants, and other freaks.

These companies can dress this up all they want however what they are doing facilitating hate and racism. A commentator asked me why this was so important to me. The internet has become a place for all sorts of things, and there is a lot filth on it. The internet is an animal unlike any other. Because it allows people to connect from all over the world, it allows some to come out of the shadows. The internet has allowed folks like pedophiles to creep out of the shadows and find others like them. By doing so, this facilitates that behavior and encourages more of it. The same is true of the folks that host racist forums. They contribute to furthering racism and to furthering the behavior. Rather than lurking in the shadows, racists now have an outlet for their hate, and their hate is connected all over the world. This happens, in part, because certain web hosting companies have decided that they want hate to be their niche.

This is a business decision and it can only be a bad one if their despicable marketing strategy is brought into the open.

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Anonymous said...

So your opinion on what is hate speech should be the standard that everyone has to follow ??

You my friend make me sick