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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The South Carolina Review

The only thing that it appears we know with each primary is that the race gets more muddled after each primary. Barack Obama took full advantage of South Carolina's large African American population. He won the state in a landslide and he won nearly eighty percent of the African American vote. The race continues to be muddled. Obama has important victories in South Carolina and Iowa while Clinton has victories in Nevada and New Hampshire.

Clinton continues to maintain a significant lead nationwide and in many of the Super Tuesday states. On the other hand, Obama may now enjoy the big mo from South Carolina. Of course, the big mo has turned out to be the big hype so far on both sides and so it is unclear if this victory is due to local demographics (a large African American population) or if it will lead to more victories in other states.

Obama has proven Dick Morris to be quite prophetic. He predicted long ago that this race would be neck and neck to the end and he also predicted that Hillary would end up victorious. So far, he couldn't have been anymore accurate.

The next major state is Florida for the Reps. It will be Rudy's Waterloo, and if you believe the polls, it will be the end of his campaign as well. Of course, if you believed the polls, Barack Obama would have won in NH, and Michigan would still be counting.

At this point, the only thing we know is that we know very little. I think the Dow Jones over the next week is easier to predict than the races on either side. Anyone who claims otherwise is fooling themselves and you. Stay tuned...

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