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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Open Thread

The Michigan primary is today. On the Republican side, it is wide open between McCain, Romney and Huckabee. Romney is making his final stand. McCain is looking to ride his momentum to a second victory, and Huckabee is trying to regain momentum.

Ironically because the state and the national party couldn't come to an agreement, the primary is nearly worthless for Dems. Even more ironic, Nevada holds a primary in a couple days that will be of importance to Dems and of no consequence to Republicans.

There was a dog and pony show in front of Congress about steroids. This is the prelude because the real fireworks will come next month when Clemens and his accuser will both testify in front of Congress...

The December jobs report continues to spook the market. In December, the jobs reported, 17k, was significantly lower than expected. It was the fourth straight month of lower than expected job growth. Furthermore, the unemployment rate shot up to 5% even from 4.7%. This continues to spook the market over a week later as each day brings new fears of a recesssion and continues to drop most of the major averages.

Hillary may or may not have said something that is racially charged. Obama may or may not have responded in a manner that stoked the controversy further, and we may or may not have a full out race war on our hands.
Things are heating up for the Republicans as well. McCain and Fred Thompson appear to now be trading jabs back and forth.

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